Trumpification of Europe has Begun

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2016

Geert Wilders, a nationalist from the Netherlands, has tweeted an ad of himself reading “Make The Netherlands Great Again!” It uses the slogan of Donald Trump and is modeled after the design of his ads.

The process of Trumpifying Europe has begun.

I said when Brexit happened that this was largely a result of Trump giving hope to the world. Hope for a nationalist future. And I predicted that as Trump rises, so will European nationalism.

Nationalist parties across Europe have endorsed Trump. Actually, I think all of them have. The Golden Dawn has. Even Le Pen has (after having previously said that he was “too extreme”).

The people of Europe see what is happening in America, and they see this as them being given permission to do the same. For whatever reason, although the majority of Europeans would probably profess hatred for America and American culture, they still follow us in virtually every aspect of the way they run their societies.

Trump will save America and the Trump phenomenon may well save Europe.

Everything is coming up roses.

Hillary Clinton planned to bring Merkelism to America. But now, the opposite thing will happen. Merkel will fall to Trumpism.

On the ashes of this dead Jewish system, we shall build something new.

Something wonderful.