Trumpenkriegers Physically Remove Antifa Homos in Huntington Beach

Daily Stormer
March 26, 2017


The Trumpenkrieg moves at a faster clip every day. The days of White Men of Good Character sitting at home knocking off a six pack or two and watching Sportsball™ while the world burns down around them are rapidly coming to a close.

How long have I been telling these people that if they keep kicking a sleeping dog, it will eventually arise and bite a hunk out of their collective ass?

Well, honestly I don’t know how long either, but it’s been a long damned time and I was right!

Orange County Register:

A “Make America Great Again” march in support of Pres. Trump drew about 1,000 people to Bolsa Chica State Beach, including protesters.

At one point, a fight broke out and a marcher was pepper sprayed, but details about how the clash began and any arrests were sketchy.

Earlier, the organizers of the MAGA march said they were hoping for peace.

“I’m not just here in support of Trump, but our vets, military, police officers and emergency responders,” said Darlene Savord of Tustin, one of the organizers, adding, “I don’t blame Trump for the failure of the health care bill.”

The march was billed as a kid-friendly family-oriented event and at one point was a sea of waving American flags. But it took place in a climate where stark divisions in the public have led to a number of high-profile confrontations when supporters and detractors of the president collide.

March organizer Jennifer Sterling said many participants were women, children and elderly. “I really hope these people are safe,” she said.

That’s right fam. These events are drawing lots of our old people and families with children, so it is our responsibility as upstanding Stormers to protect them and their right to speak, unmolested by Jews, college commies, fags, blacks, beaners, muzzrats, and the other assorted failures of evolution that want to silence them.

This is our country, not theirs. They needed a dose of reality.

Their plan: Rally near Warner Avenue and PCH, then walk along a roughly two-mile stretch of the bike path.

Organizers of a counter rally said they would create a “human wall” to prevent that.

“We aren’t going to start fights, but we are going to try to stop them from completing their march,” said Byron Lopez, a counter rally organizer who expected 100 to 200 supporters from an array of groups.

During the procession, the marchers passed a group of protesters.

The clash was immediately documented on social media.

As always, antifa had a Jew to tell stupid lies for them.

“People started punching and tackling our side and one of them (the protesters) pepper sprayed in defense,” said Jordan Hoiberg from Newport Beach, a member of Socialist Party USA, one of the protest organizers.

Yeah right. We’ve watched antifa start this type of violence at rallies of all kinds forever, and they always do this. I have personally seen antifa physically attack people while simultaneously screaming “OFFICER, OFFICER, HE’S ASSAULTING ME” in unison. They are trained to do this. It’s the 21st century version of the Jew crying out in pain as he strikes you.

You commies had better learn to stay home. These are our streets now.