#TrumpEffect: Univision to Lay Off Hundreds of Employees

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2016


Haim Saban’s Spanish-language flagship, Univision, is right now a frantic gazelle feeling the orange lion’s breath on its heels.

Saban, who was born in Israel and is a fanatical Zionist, would be considered to have a strange niche (media dedicated to turning illegal Mexican immigrants against white people) by many; the only explanation for the strangeness of this niche is that Jews are engaging in a racial conspiracy to indoctrinate and ultimately unite all the different people of the world against the white West.

But now los pollos are coming home to roost, and there’s a good chance it won’t be in a Los Angeles backyard this time around. As Trump’s America begins to take shape, Jews all over are cutting their losses and recalibrating their tactics on a rapidly changing battlefield.

Miami Herald:

The Spanish-language media giant, Univision Communications, will lay off almost 6 percent of its workforce — 200 to 250 people — after it slipped into the red last quarter, the company announced Wednesday.

The layoffs, along with a planned restructuring, “are in response to difficult times, challenging times,” said Isaac Lee, Univision’s digital, entertainment and news chief. “We need to position ourselves for the future.”

Univision, which operates WLTV-23 based in Doral, had a third-quarter net loss of $30.5 million, on total revenues of $735 million, down 8 percent.

Jews, unlike whites, are intensely pragmatic, and they’re getting ready to take a hit to their target demographic (illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America).

The “Hispanic monster vote” they were hinging Hillary’s candidacy on never come to fruition, save for in the third world hell hole known as Mexifornia. This is despite Univision’s laughably slanted coverage of Trump, so Jews may start to abandon this angle and look for another avenue to cause mischief and instability.

The English-language cable network Fusion is another tentacle of the toxic Saban octopus that is taking some cuts. Fusion is aimed at teaching a virulently anti-white ideology to hipsters, but it never took off, due in part to increasing numbers of Millennials cutting their cable. The news director at Fusion, Aleksander Chan, appears to be literally shaking at the massive layoffs, which are probably worse than what Univision Jew Isaac Lee is telling the press.

The Jew is a chameleon. One second you see him in a sombrero preaching “Get the Gringos!” and “This Is Aztlan!” the next minute he’s sitting on a Brooklyn stoop smoking exotic rollies in Buddy Holly glasses “deconstructing whiteness” before adoring suburban Midwest transplants desperate to be cool.

Keep kicking the curtain and  eventually he’ll be forced to come out – and then the real revolution will begin.

The Aryan Atlas is beginning to shrug – not its civic responsibilities to his race and community like (((Ayn Rand))) would want – but the many leeches feasting on our blood.