#TrumpEffect: Argentina Announces Crackdown on Immigration, Local Jews Vow Revenge

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2017

Mauricio Macri: The Donald Trump of the South

Once upon a time, Argentina was a civilized and successful white country that was the envy of the world. During the Great Depression, Argentina was able to weather and grow through it, with its beautiful Greco-Roman inspired capital city Buenos Aires earning the title “The Paris of the South.”

RIP Argentina

Fast forward to 2017, and Buenos Aires is still an analog to Paris, in that it is an incoherent, broken, crime-laden multiracial cesspool that has been taken over by all types of invaders under successive governments who since the 70s had immigration policies even more lax than the USA.

A combination of mass white emigration (mostly to Southern Europe) and even more massive non-white immigration (from Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru. These incoming undesirables no make up about 30% of the national population (tiny Bolivia’s “diaspora” alone makes up 10% of the population). This means that Argentina is lucky if it’s still even 60% white (97% white on CIA World Factbook is about as “accurate” as the entry saying USA is 80% white).

You can take that flute and shove it, beanman.

The most important catalyst in this demographic crisis is the same one everywhere: Argentina is afflicted Yidfluenza. The country is home to the world’s 8th largest Jewish population, mostly post World War II immigrants, who radically reformed and eventually destroyed the Argentinian government’s previously pro-European immigration policy.

Now with Trump in power, and new civic nationalist President Mauricio Macri, the Argentinian government is planning a crackdown on illegal immigration that is shaking up the region’s geopolitics.

The Guardian:

Amid a racially charged national debate on immigration, a former real estate tycoon-turned-president signs an executive order to stop some foreign migrants entering his country and to deport foreign residents with criminal records.

There is even talk of building a border wall, while intemperate language prompts a backlash from a neighbouring country.
But this is not Donald Trump’s America and the wall is not intended to exclude Mexicans.

At the other end of the Americas, Argentina’s millionaire president Mauricio Macri triggered a diplomatic spat with regional neighbours this week after he signed a controversial order to rein in migration.

Macri’s centre-right government has said that the immigration order is intended to fight the rising wave of drug-related crime, which it claims is partly due to an influx of migrants from Argentina’s northern neighbours.

Peruvian and Paraguayan citizens come here and end up killing each other for control of the drug trade,” said Macri’s security minister Patricia Bullrich this week. “A lot of Paraguayans, Bolivians and Peruvians get involved as either capitalists or mules, as drivers or as part of the drug trafficking chain.”

Bolivia’s indigenous president Evo Morales also protested the move, writing on Twitter: “We can’t be following the example of the north and its policies, building walls to divide us.”

“Macri is intent on copying Trump’s agenda,” said former legislator and human rights lawyer (((Myriam Bregman))) of the Socialist Workers’ party. “They’re trying to associate immigration with crime.

“While they persecute poor people in the slums because of the colour of their face or their nationality, major crime involving drug trafficking continues to be run by government officials and corrupt police,” she added.

Immigration from Argentina’s northern neighbours – where the vast majority of the population is either mestizo or indigenous – has always been a source of racial tension in a country where around 79% of the population is descended from European immigrants.

As in the US, migrants in Argentina tend to work in construction or other low-paying jobs; activists say that they often take jobs that Argentinians are unwilling to take.

As you can see, the plight of the West and racial decline is the same everywhere: same Jews (Myriam Bregman), same dumb arguments. To say there are jobs natives “won’t do” is even less true for Argentina than it is in America, but it doesn’t stop trans-national genocidalists from peddling in it.

In the Argentinian parliament, an Amerindian supporter of the crackdown, Alfredo Olmedo, has gone a step further by calling for the president to build a wall.

This did not stop one Argentinian congressman from proposing a wall along the border with Bolivia to block the flow of migrants.

“We have to build a wall,” said legislator Alfredo Olmedo of the northern province of Salta, which borders with Bolivia. “I agree 100% with Trump.”

Here’s the thing, no majority in any country supports being replaced by foreigners. Some Jew-denying factions in the right-wing imply that mass immigration is supported by some liberal white-guilted majority, yet, look at the Trumpian political shift happening world wide just weeks into the presidency.

As soon as America stops using its economic and military might to intimidate other countries into destroying the populations they rule, Jews are reduced to hyperventilating in between muttered death threats and talk of a coup.

This is only the beginning.