#TrumpEffect: Anti-Trump Companies Being Crippled by White Boycott

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2016


The controlled media has been facetiously spamming claims that New Balance’s pro-Trump statements, along with its endorsement from the Daily Stormer, will somehow hurt its brand. Yet, no figures have been provided to substantiate claims that either of these developments has hurt New Balances sales. Because New Balance is privately traded, it is hard to find up to date numbers, but I would actually venture a guess that their sales are increasing and expanding their base of middle-aged baby boomers.

The capitalist system incentivizes racial treason, but the real story of 2016 is the newly minted white consciousness of the Trump era (intrigues and controversies within Trump’s budding administration are duly noted, but aside for now). “The rich have no nation,” were the wise words of Spanish Falangist Ramiro Ledesma, but we can use the power of boycott to bend them to our will (at least when it comes to Gentile capitalists).

Every article on New Balance shoes being burned only serves to magnify what the Judenpresse is willfully ignoring: that it is anti-Trump companies which are suffering.

Chicago Business:

Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney is finding out the hard way that politics and business can be a toxic mix, especially if you run a public company that depends on consumers.

In a companywide email in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, Maloney wrote a strongly worded message repudiating the president-elect’s campaign message and personal history while affirming his own commitment to tolerance and inclusion.

The company’s shares were down 4 percent to $35.60 at 2:56 p.m. in New York.

Just one problem: Trump supporters—who make up about half the electorate and, presumably, a lot of the food-buying public—felt anything but included and responded quickly with threats to boycott the company and short its stock.

Stock shorting, politically motivated boycotts, organized media information attacks – these are all tactics that for more than a century have made American Jewry a political force to reckon with. But Jews, contrary to easy assumption, don’t have any magical powers derived from their ritual murders; they’re just organized as a racially conscious bloc.

Whites thinking in a collectivist fashion can do far more damage to people who insult, censor and degrade us, because there are more of us than there are Jews and millionaire liberals. The Deplorable Battalion isn’t going out painting Swastikas – we’re instead vandalizing publicly traded companies like GrubHub.


On the soft drinks front, Pepsico CEO and Indian globalist Indra Nooyi has taken a break from defecating on Main Street to pull down her pants and drop the motherload on Wall Street.

Indra Nooyiyou-have-to-go-back


PepsiCo’s CEO said the election of Donald Trump as president was terrifying her employees.

“I had to answer a lot of questions from my daughters, from our employees. They were all in mourning,” PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi told (((Andrew Ross Sorkin))) at The New York Times’ DealBook conference on Thursday.

“Our employees were all crying,” she said. “And the question that they’re asking, especially those who are not white, ‘Are we safe?’ Women are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ LGBT people are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ I never thought I would have to answer those questions.”

After congratulating Trump for his success, Nooyi, who supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, said everyone in the US needed assurance of their safety.

“What we heard was election talk,” she said.

Nooyi also said she was disgusted more generally by the language that has been used to discuss women in recent months.

“How dare we talk about women that way,” Nooyi said. “I don’t think there’s a place for that kind of language in any part of society, not in locker rooms, not in football players’ homes, not in any place. And, if we don’t nip it in the bud, Andrew, this is going to be lethal force that’s going to take over society

Since this interview, where Nooyi gave Jew Sorkin the anti-white soundbites he sought, Trump supporters have vowed a boycott of the Judeo-Leftist multi-national corporation.


The result?

Pepsico’s stock took a nosedive shortly after the interview was published.


Whites must continue utilizing Jewish strategies to teach these people respect, and punish whites who work anti-white angles for Jews or managerial non-whites (mostly East Asians and Indians) who are looking for a ticket in the new globalist order and have no qualms with our extinction as long as they get rich.

The Trump Train agenda is implicitly (or explicitly) racial. It’s the stepping stone towards taking our countries back in their  entirety. It’s time they realize that our nations aren’t Disneyland, they have owners, natives and cultures. And they are no longer welcome here.

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