Trump Would Probably be Prime Minister If America had a Multi-Party System

Obviously, Donald Trump would be President if it were not for a gigantic virus hoax that enabled massive election fraud.

However, it may also interest you that a recent poll from Echelon Insights showed that Trump would also be Prime Minister if we had a multiparty system.

Nationalists scored 24% in the poll of over 1,000 American registered voters, which framed the questions in terms of a multiparty system. Conservatives were less popular than nationalists, scoring only 19%. However, these two scored more together than the combined left parties, which scored only 35%.

Most likely, in a parliamentary system, this would mean that the head of the nationalist party would be Prime Minister.

The poll also included a technocrat option, which is pro-corporate business and anti-family. That scored 10%. If that party were to combine with the left, that would give them a higher portion of the vote, which would make room for a “Democrat” PM.

The most notable thing about the poll is that nationalism has gained 8 points since the same poll was done in October of 2020, with conservatism losing 6 points.

Insofar as we are able to draw anything from these numbers, it seems that the election debacle has increased nationalistic sentiment among the public.