Trump Won the Election, But the Democrats Won’t Accept It – What’s Next?

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump won the US Presidential Election.

However, there is a plot underway to thwart him, and steal this victory from him. Several states stopped counting votes in the early hours of the morning when it appeared that Donald Trump was going to sweep.

They did this with the authority vested in them by a recent Supreme Court ruling. These states claimed that because of mail-in ballots, they needed more time. They are also apparently accepting new ballots, finding new ballots.

At time of writing, Wisconsin has just flipped based on mail-in ballots that were not counted until after 5:00 AM.

We currently have a total of eight states which have not reported in: Arizona, Alaska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia.

The states that matter are the ones that:

  • Trafalgar predicted Trump would win, and
  • The Democrats are trying to steal

These are:

  1. North Carolina
  2. Georgia
  3. Michigan
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Wisconsin

I do not think they will try to steal Alaska, and Nevada and Arizona are not likely being stolen.

Here’s the full Trafalgar map:

Assuming there isn’t a problem in Alaska, Trump needs either three or four of the five.

Pollsters are coming on the cable news shows and smirking, saying that these states will not be called for days. Again – the Supreme Court voted to allow that, in a terrible decision that was condemned by Donald Trump.

Basically: they’re trying in all five of these states to bring in ballots, and dump them.

The Good News: Trump is Ride or Die

Trump has already claimed victory. He obviously won. Everyone knows it.

This is now a process of simply securing the win by any means necessary, and Trump is ready to take whatever actions are necessary to ensure that our country is not stolen from us.

We are going to win.

You may be called upon to help the president.

Be ready for that.

If he tells you to gather to support him, you need to do it. You also need to get your people together.

There is a very real possibility that this is going to get very weird. We know that huge numbers of feds are on the side of this Biden Coup Project, and they are going to use their power to try to take this country away from us. They could start shutting down communications. This is something that has regularly been done in various countries where the US intelligence agencies have thrown coups, so we need to assume that it is in the cards here. Make sure you have a way to communicate with your people.

Be ready to move.

As for Me

I’ve been up for more hours than a person should be up, and I’m going to need to sleep right now. I’m of no use now. Look at how shitty this article is.

It is possible but not likely that something game-changing will happen when I am asleep. I no longer have any staff to help me with the site, due to funding problems, so any updates will have to wait until I am awake. I’ve decided that now (6:30 AM EST) is the best option for sleeping. In several hours, I will be back in action.

There will also be another stream tomorrow, like the one that was done last night into this morning, where we will discuss what is happening.