Trump Wins the Election… Against Jeff Sessions!

America and all of Western civilization might collapse because Donald Trump can’t figure out how to run a presidential campaign, but the good news is that come next year, when the entire country is burning and he’s in some dungeon being tortured to death, he can say, “at least I got Jeff Sessions.”

Sessions was running for his old Senate seat, and on Tuesday night, lost the primary to Tommy Tuberville. Trump endorsed Tuberville in order to take revenge on Jeff Sessions.

“Tommy Tuberville” might be the greatest name any person has ever had in real life. He’s a former college football coach, so I guess he will probably beat Doug Jones.

This story, for those who may not recall, is bizarre. Sessions gave up his seat to become Attorney General, so Alabama had a special election. Steve Bannon had a plan to implement a primary agenda, where he would remove every Republican Senator that didn’t support his agenda (see my article on the GOP and democracy from yesterday, Bannon’s plan was actually exactly what we should have been doing since the 1960s). Unfortunately, the candidate that he picked for his first primarying attempt was a seriously flawed candidate named Roy Moore.

Moore did in life what I’ve often advised men to do and got his career and his money together during his 20s, then in his 30s went to find a teenage bride. I support this agenda, but Moore couldn’t straightforwardly explain why he was chasing teenage girls around a mall, appeared to be weaselly, what with a bunch of “I don’t recall” stuff, and lost the special election. If he would have went out and said, “yeah, I was in my 30s, I had my money together, I wanted to marry a virgin,” everyone would have understood and just nodded “okay,” but someone apparently advised him to be evasive.

That situation not only screwed up the Senate majority in the stupidest imaginable way, but it killed the very good agenda that Steve Bannon had to remove all of the shills from Congress using the primary system. Bannon shortly thereafter imploded completely, and is now on a completely confusing quest to overthrow the Chinese government. He’s got a fugitive Chinese billionaire he’s found, and they’ve together declared a new Federal Chinese State. They keep doing these livestreams that look like 1990s public access television in Chinese.

Jeff Sessions’ story is equally as idiotic. He was the first national politician to endorse Donald Trump for president. He then was appointed to Attorney General.

Then, because the Jew Al Franken had grilled him at his confirmation on the fact that the Russian Ambassador had visited his office, he agreed to recuse himself from the Russian investigation. That meant that the Jew Rod Rosenstein was completely in charge of the whole thing, and that Jew used his position to appoint the Jew Andrew Weissmann to run a two year witch hunt against the president, based on a fake dossier that Rosenstein himself had presented to a FISA judge to get the original warrant to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign while Obama was still president. This absurdly Jewish witch hunt successfully crippled the Trump Administration.

So, Trump does have reason to be angry at him.

I think this is petty and stupid, but ultimately, all of that entire Russia hoax goes back to Sessions recusing.

What I will say about that, however, is if Sessions wouldn’t have recused, some other thing would have happened. The entire “deep state” apparatus was going after Trump, and they would have figured out a way to make it happen no matter what. The Sessions recusal is a monumental historical event, but a different event would have replaced it.

This is a really dumb drama which no one should be thinking about right now.