Trump Will Take Advantage of Coronavirus to Finally Give Us the Communist Utopia We Deserve

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2020

President Trump is apparently going to be doling out NEETbux for the goyim who have had their livelihoods stripped from them by the Chinese virus.

The proposal in its current state looks great.

Trump is on board with this.

Washington Post:

The Trump administration and congressional leaders rushed on Wednesday to assemble a massive stimulus package aimed at preventing the U.S. economy from plummeting into its worst collapse since the Great Depression, as fears about the coronavirus pandemic brought much of American life to a standstill.

The administration’s $1 trillion proposed rescue plan, which forms the basis for fast-moving negotiations on Capitol Hill, includes sending two large checks to many Americans and devoting $300 billion toward helping small businesses avoid mass layoffs. Priorities laid out in a two-page Treasury Department document also include $50 billion to help rescue the airline industry and $150 billion to prop up other sectors, which could include hotels.

The White House is vetting these proposals with Senate GOP leaders before engaging more fully with Democrats, so the package is certain to evolve in coming days. Democrats, meanwhile, are eyeing their own priorities, largely aiming to shore up safety-net programs and the public health infrastructure, as well as send money directly to American taxpayers, while shunning corporate bailouts. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) proposed on Wednesday having the Federal Reserve send $2,000 to every American adult and $1,000 to every American child until the crisis ends.

Along with giving us all $2000 a month, he’s also going to send this girl to each of our houses for 20 minutes every week:

Libertarians are complaining about a plan to just print out money and give it to everyone for free, but Chairman Donald has responded to these libertarians by telling them that “the money printer goes brrrrr.”

Trump is also allegedly talking about the government buying up a stake in corporations that are struggling to deal with the economic fallout.

Basically, what is going to happen here is that during the virus, when no one is working and is just getting free money from the government, everyone is going to realize that it was stupid to work in the first place when the government can just print money and give it to you for free.

We’re entering a new age.

The real MAGA was always converting America into a racist futuristic communist state, where the government gives everyone free money and they just do nothing but go to the gym and play video games all day.

I guess we were all wrong about Trump.

All of this time, he was just biding his time until he could convert America into a true communist utopia.

Which is really all I ever asked for.

Seriously, no one is going to agree for this to end once it begins.

The American people will demand that “free money forever” becomes the law of the land.

No one is going to listen to one-eyed pieces of lying dogshit like the shill Zioclops who is saying we have to “save money.”

He doesn’t say we have to save money when it comes to Israel – he literally says we should just give Israel all of the money.

Of course the facts of life are that we can simply print the money and then give it to everyone for free. There is no limit to the amount of money you can print, and the only reason we didn’t do this before is that people like Dan Crenshaw want you to be poor, because they want the goyim to keep working hard to give all of our wealth to Jews.

Well guess what, Danny Boy: the jig is up.

We’re printing the money, we’re giving it to everyone for free, we’re staying home and playing video games.

And this program will get Donald Trump reelected, no matter how many people die. Because people are fed up with working these stupid jobs for money instead of just being given money for free.

Just like Zioclops, the DEMON-RATS are actually trying to cockblock the free money that Trump is trying to give to us.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that Dan Crenshaw and Nancy Pelosi agree 100% on the issue of giving all of the money to the Jews, and that the goyim should have to work like slaves to provide for Israel?

Hint: yes, it does have to do with that.

But Donald Trump has come through for us.

The virus brought out his true color, which is RED.

Or should I say GREEN?

I guess we should be thanking the Chinese for bringing about the necessary conditions for us to enter into this new age.

The biggest threat now is if UN peacekeepers come in to try to take our money away from us, because not working like a slave for Jews is an international crime.