Trump Warns Russians of “Something Something Humanitarianism Syria”

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2018

This is a very familiar scenario.


US President Donald Trump has warned Syrian leader Bashar Assad not to attack Idlib province, one of the last terrorist hideouts in the country, also advising Iran and Russia against taking part in the “potential human tragedy.”
Expressing his concern that hundreds of thousands of lives might be at risk during the Syrian army’s looming operations to clear the Idlib province of militants, Trump on Monday afternoon cautioned Damascus, as well as Moscow and Iran, against “making a grave humanitarian mistake.”

Russia, which has yet to comment on the latest statement from the US leader, has been working for weeks to establish humanitarian corridors in Idlib province. Shortly before Trump’s tweet, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted that Russia, Turkey and Iran are working to separate armed opposition and terrorists in the area so that any potential military operations spares civilian lives. At the same time, Lavrov stressed that terrorists in Syria are still being supplied with weapons and munitions.

Here’s the kicker.

For the last couple of weeks, the Russian military has also been warning that militants are preparing to stage a fake chemical weapons attack in Idlib in order to frame Damascus. Moscow repeatedly raised concern that such a false flag attack could serve as a pretext for the US and its allies to carry out airstrikes on Syrian government targets, which would further jeopardize the reconciliation process in the country.

The Russians have been predicting thith for weeks.

It’s all they ever talk about:

They’ve been saying that NATO is going to do a false flag in Syria within the week.

And then, within the week, we have the same shenanigans getting started.

Poof! Like magic. How did they know? 

The US earlier stated that it would ‘retaliate’ to a possible chemical attack by the Syrian government, using more firepower than it did back in April. Trump’s latest warning, comes amid Russian military exercise in the Mediterranean, involving 25 ships and strategic bombers, that the Kremlin hinted was linked to the situation in Syria’s Idlib. Earlier, the US Navy also deployed guided missile destroyers USS Ross and USS The Sullivans to the region. That battle group also includes B-1B Lancer bombers that were redeployed to an air base in Qatar.


Now, I don’t want to overreact. The last time, things got a bit weird, but it all sort of worked out in the end. Trump fired off some missiles and most of them got shot down by the Russian systems that the SAA was operating.

Based on Trump’s recent winning streak, there is no real reason to believe anything worse than that will happen this time.

Best case scenario: this was just a tweet. No real threat there. Perhaps he is covertly warning Russians that there is going to be a fake gas attack and he doesn’t have the ability to stop the Jews from doing it.

Middle case scenario: the US lobs a few missiles at some army bases, gets them shot down and then Lockheed or whoever gets a fresh order, people get their salaries paid, the economy gets a stimulus, Trump rides a red MAGA wave in the midterms and we can put this stupidity behind us.

Worst case scenario: the US hits some Russians. At which point they retaliate and sink a boat. And then the Jews finally have a reason to get Trump to start more active measures against Russia.

This is frustrating because the war in Syria is so close to being over.

Idlib is the last big push. With Turkey helping to tighten the noose, the Qatari-supported rebels can finally be slaughtered. Once that’s done, something needs to be done about the Kurds. And then the Turks. But the main population centers of Syria will be secured.

Assad will have won. 

And yet, Assad insists on gassing those babies. He just loves to gas, gas, gas.

Won’t someone do something about this maniac!!??

He reminds me of someone else that was mean and loved to gas.

What was his name again?

Oh yeah, this guy.

We can’t let this happen again!!!!