Trump vs Jim: Who Runs This Country Really?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2018

I’ve watched this Jim Acosta faggot prance and preen in front of Trump, hounding him every step of the way with his inane questions and faux concern-trolling for about two years now.

This exchange was something else.

The most powerful man in the world, unable to get a CNN journalist to shut his trap and move on with the press conference. About halfway through, Jim refuses to give up the mic as the little girl reaches for it, and he even sexually assaults/literally rapes her arm in front of the president.

Jim keeps harrassing Trump, and then when he’s given an opening by another colleague and fellow enemy of the people, he keeps on berating Trump like a frumpy school teacher would a misbehaving shitlord-in-training.

It was something to behold.

There was a moment when Trump walked away from the podium and to the side where I thought that he was going to say, “screw your optics, I’m going in” and clock Jim in the face.

My first instinct was that it would be lulzy, but my second was one of concern for both the optics and for Trump’s physical health, because it’s quite obvious that Jim is a scratcher who fights dirty with his nails.

But consider this: we’re at the stage where rules of decorum no longer apply even with the President. 

That means, no more honor code, “please sit down, next question” type interaction with the press. And no more using little girls to control the microphone. This means swole bouncers who physically yank mics away and physically dominate the journalists. Or professional wrestlers.

They know how to handle journalists.

I hope this little showdown between Trump and Jim shows just how antagonistic and how powerful the journalist class is in our society.

What Authoritarian Fascist dictator is Trump really when he can’t even get that yapping bitch Jim to hand over the mic like a civilized person and not filibuster the stage at the POTUS’s press conference?

You know, it’s also quite easy to understand why Trump has chosen to attack the media head-on. They really are a nasty, rude and persistent bunch.

But eventually, he should just stop doing these press conferences altogether and spend more time talking to Tucker, Sean and Alex Jones… the latter of which he hasn’t really reached out to since his interview with him during the campaign.

Perhaps it’s time to reconnect with the ol’ base and stop giving the enemy media original content.

Because they’re making money off these little encounters. They’re getting the clicks, they’re getting the eyeballs.

Why not at the very least, just focus on communicating with America through your Twitter? Use it as much as you can, before they shut you down!

Because there’s no reconcilement possible with these people. It’s simply time to go scorched earth on them, Mr. President. Only 2 years to go until the elections, and no other options left on the table here.