Trump Tweetstorm on DOJ Report (He’s Happy Comey’s Getting Got)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2018

Trump is apparently happy about this Jew’s report on the lack of a Jew conspiracy in the DOJ.

Horowitz did release some new texts from the conspirators… but overall, the report was a cover-up.

Of course, the President could just be pretending to be excited about this as he plans his independent investigation.

Here’s his series of tweets today.

Boomer Trump – “see, even the token right-wing Jew agrees!!!!!”


He then stormretweeted Fox & Friends.

I get that he’s glad Comey got got.

But he got got on the issue of… reopening the Clinton investigation.

Not the coverup of the Clinton conspiracy.

The Jew was like “this guy wasn’t Jewy enough tho.”

Anyway, the report was such a joke, there is no way there won’t be an independent investigation.

Trump knows that.

He’s just holding his cards close.