Trump Tweets Deranged Threat Against Russia, Says Ready to Bomb Syria – FAKEOUT?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2018


Okay so um.

No bombs yet.

No televised statements from the man.

Just that one weird threatening tweet, followed by two tweets that seemed to be apologizing for the threatening tweet, and then resuming normal tweeting.

I don’t even know.

But if he doesn’t start WWIII – then hey, good going.

Look: we, as the Alt-Right, need to get our shit together. We need to be able to put pressure. We need to be able to organize conservative forces together to do things that we want them to do.

No one else is doing this. We have the opportunity to represent the right-wing of America. The GOP doesn’t represent it. And Trump is out there with no one but the media to contend with.

But of course, we fucked all this shit up pretty gosh-darned badly in 2017, and we’re in recovery.

I think this is what we need to be thinking about: we need to be thinking about being the guys who can stand up and make noise about the issues that matter to us. We need to be able to rally people – a lot of people – behind us to make our point.

We need organization to do that.

We are starting to do that.

We stopped a caravan.

We got the troops on the border.

We may or may not be on the verge of stopping WWIII.

That Trump tweet was INSANE, but it’s been a lot of hours now and he hasn’t bombed, so maybe he was just… in it for the lulz.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that if the Alt-Right had spent the last two years becoming a mainline lobbying group for white interests, we would be throwing a lot more weight around right now, and people would be forced to listen to us.

Our time is now.

And we need to rise to the occasion.


Okay now look at this here!

This is like schizophrenia – like the two tweets following the war threat are apologies!

What is this???

Threatening a world war is not a joking affair, Mr. President!


Okay so, really weird followup tweet here.

So after he threatens Russia with war, minutes later he says he wants to be friends with Russia and help them but that they should stop the arms race.

Well, who started this arms race, bud?

And who is threatening to bomb who here?

Wtf is going on?

Is it WWIII, or are we going to be friends?

Go on TV Trump and tell us what you’re doing.

Original article follows.


Trump just announced he’s planning to bomb Syria.

This is, effectively, the end of his presidency.

I genuinely believed he had stalled this long and was going to be able to avoid this.

But I guess Trump doesn’t give a fuck about the people, and is willing to just be bullied by Jews.

There is no clear narrative on why we are going to war.

Apparently, it is to be nice, because of sad pictures of children. Although when any Senator is asked about it, they start talking about Israel.

Just so you understand, if this is real and Trump is going to war with Russia than nothing else he does will matter. You don’t need a border wall to protect a nuclear wasteland.

Who knows – maybe there will be no nuclear wasteland. Maybe we’ll just do a proxy war in Syria for however many years.

Maybe we’ll get a chance to vote Bernie end to end it in 2020.

If this is real, and we’re going to war with Russia, I will support an anti-war communist, absolutely.

Apparently the missiles are going to start firing soon.

We’ll keep you updated.

Just to be clear – I’m #TeamRussia.