Trump to Take Action Against Rent-Seeking Failure Elon “Bottomless Pit” Musk

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2016


If there’s one scumbag I would like to see thrown under a bus it is Elon “Bottomless Pit” Musk.

This shifty-eyed fraud has been draining our country of billions of dollars, selling nonsense projects that look like someone you’d read about on the back of a toy box to our stupid black president, and then celebrating his own failures.

He needs cut-off and he needs deported.

Natural World News:

Like opposite poles, billionaires and businessmen Elon Musk and President-elect Donald Trump don’t seem to agree on a lot of things. Does this mean Musk’s empire is in danger under Trumps administration?

Elon Musk’s companies especially Tesla and SolarCity are built to reduce the use of fossil fuel that explains his lineup of products such as the solar roof and electric cars while President-Elect Donald Trump once called climate change a hoax. The question now is, will Musk’s empire thrive while Trump is in office?

Some say Musk was able to build an empire due to the support of the government under President Barack Obama. Obama may not have a direct hand in Musk’s business empire but POTUS is in support of the ‘politically-correct’ technologies that Musk and his companies pushed forward.

Obama absolutely did have a hand in this.

His hand was the hand that signed off on throwing all of this money down the Musk Pit.

So far, this man has done absolute zero for our country. None of his cars are viable and his rockets just explode all the time – usually during launch, but sometimes they just explode randomly.


If you want to increase laughter in your life, just add “spacex explosion” to your google news notifications. You’ll get a hit about three times a day.


But this will be bitter laughter. Because our tax money paid for this tricky bastard to blow-up billions of dollars of equipment when we could have been repairing bridges or helping our vets.

Under Obama’s administration, Musk managed to build a gigafactory and to acquire SolarCity. And lately, Musk dreams of making the trip to Mars cheaper, to which Obama openly supported.

Currently, Musk is the CEO of Tesla that produces of electric cars, SolarCity that provides solar energy functions and services and SpaceX that is in the running to become the first colonizers on Mars.

But things may turn upside down if Musk and Trump won’t be able to figure out a way to work side by side. The success of all three companies relied on federal and state funding, according to a report by Forbes.

“I feel a bit stronger that he is probably not the right guy. He doesn’t seem to have the sort of character that reflects well on the United States,” Elon Musk said in an interview describing Trump and his bid for the presidency.

Musk should really be prosecuted for fraud. Honestly.

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He is a grifter.

Maybe he can get off by pleading that he’s mentally retarded.


“I want to drive a racecar and then I want to fly in outer space!” -Elon Musk, Age 45