Trump to Skip White House Kikespondents’ Dinner

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2018

Listen up you KIKES! America doesn’t have time for your JEW SHIT!

Every previous President has been buddy-buddy with these kikes at their disgusting dinner.

But not the T-Man.

The Trumpster doesn’t give a fuck about a Jew, and he has no time to humor them with bullshit.

Fox News:

President Trump said in an interview Friday that it is unlikely he will attend the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents’ Association, as he took a swipe at members of the press and called them “novelists.”

In a radio interview with “Bernie and Sid in the Morning,” which aired Friday, he described the press as “so bad, it’s so fake.”

“I call them novelists,” he said, accusing members of the press of sometimes making up sources.

“In many cases they literally make up sources. You know, ‘nine sources in the White House have said.’ There are no nine sources,” he said.

He also said it was unlikely he would attend the April 28 White House Correspondents’ dinner, which he did not attend in 2017.

“I probably won’t do it,” he said.

Shortly after his remarks were aired, the White House Correspondents’ Association said that the White House had told them the president would not be in attendance.

It’s very good.

The last thing Trump needs to do is go look like an asshole jacking these Jews’ dicks off.

Do you remember when Bush went in 2004 and joked about how there were no weapons of mass destruction?

That was really weird, because like, thousands of people died in that war because he said there were weapons of mass destruction.

Then he just goes to put on a stand-up comedy routine for the Jews about it.

That right there shows you that politics are actually fake, before Trump.

It’s just a Jew puppet show.

The fact that Trump won’t be a part of these bizarre circus shows tells you that he is the one guy that is actually for real, and isn’t just playing a game.

When he screws up and does the wrong thing, obviously we need to call him out on it, and we need to continue to put pressure on him to do what we want him to do. But we should also understand that he is a real guy, whereas none of these previous assholes for how many decades – since Nixon, really – were real guys. They were all just playing a role in what is basically a scripted television show.

Trump skipped that bitch last year too and held a rally instead.

This year he should skip it and have a rally in San Diego and talk about how the military is going to machine-gun women and children trying to cross our border.