Trump to Sign an Executive Order on Police Abuse

Great job, Donald.

I’m sure this will really help a lot with whatever it is it’s intended to do.

CBS News:

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order on policing Tuesday that aims to accomplish three things — to incentivize police departments to use modernized best practices, to increase information sharing by tracking people who have “excessive” use-of-force complaints, and to address mental health, homelessness and addiction.

“Nobody hates bad cops more than good cops,” a senior administration official said in a phone call with reporters.

The details of how the executive order will work are not yet clear, and senior administration officials on the call did not offer much detail on what mechanisms would be used to “incentivize” good behavior. However, officials did say that departments that follow the three guidelines and have certification will be favored for discretionary grants.

The Justice Department will be taking the guiding principles of the executive order and crafting them into “specific guidance,” one senior administration official said. The executive order comes after weeks of questions about what the president would do in response to the nationwide protests calling for policing reform after the death of George Floyd.

That senior administration official said the “goal of this is to bring police closer together with communities.” The White House has been working on this executive order the last “couple of weeks,” according to the official.

Nonetheless, the executive order is likely to fall far short of what policing reform advocates are demanding after Floyd’s death. The order does not include any enforcement mechanism for adhering to the guidelines, and advocates for police reform are calling for much more sweeping reforms that address systemic racism and provide strict consequences for officers who violate the civil rights of citizens.

Yeah, it definitely falls short of a plan to abolish the police. That’s for sure. So you kind of have to wonder why Trump is bothering with it at all.

They are now rioting and burning down Wendy’s saying that a black should be allowed to attack an officer, wrestle with him, steal his taser, run from him, then tase him. So there is not anything you’re going to do to appease these people.

With George Floyd, the issue was that he put his knee on his neck. That technique is apparently the result of the Anti-Defamation League training of American cops. It would have been fantastic if Trump’s solution to this mania was to cancel ADL training programs for the police.

So much of the Trump administration would be going so much better if Trump was willing to put the blame on the Jews for the things the Jews are doing.

Trump’s Total Silence and Failure

Trump has been completely silent since the blacks sort of stopped rioting so much. He is not touching any of the cultural issues, at all, as these blacks and their mob of white women are tearing down statues, abolishing the police and making demands that people bow down before them.

This is a complete and total failure of leadership, on a scale that is almost unimaginable. This is the most important event of our lives, and he is doing what? What is he doing? Where even is he?

This is clearly a result of the fact that his party is telling him that the black rioting is good for his reelection campaign and that “you shouldn’t interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.”

Of course, this isn’t a mistake. It is a cultural revolution on par with the boomer revolution of the 1960s that will have even further reaching consequences. He might win the election – I’m not nearly as confident as his advisors, but he might – and yet he will go down in history as the man whose moment of truth came and he looked away, and was silent.

He could be doing something to push back against this. Simply doing daily tweet storms would be more than he’s doing now, and it is something we know is well within his ability. Instead, he cancels a rally because of a black holiday, then he seems to give in to the blacks with a police reform order.

None of us voted for apocalyptic black violence anymore than we voted for the economy to be destroyed with a flu hoax. We didn’t vote for our statues to be torn down. We didn’t vote for our workplaces to hold ritual religious services worshiping black people.

Donald Trump is failing us at the time we needed him most.