Trump to Require All Drug Companies to List Prices in Ads

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2018

Jee wilikers, Mr. Trump!

This isn’t my conservative values!

Multinational corporations are supposed to be allowed to do anything they want to anyone, while also being subsidized by the government! It may not seem good, but it’s values so we have to do it that way because of principles!

ABC News:

The Trump administration said Monday it plans to require drug makers to start disclosing its prices in television advertisements, a move that prompted immediate pushback from the pharmaceutical industry and raised questions about whether it would actually work to lower drug costs.

The proposed new rule says anyone selling drugs paid for by Medicare or Medicaid would have to divulge a “list price” in any television ads using “legible text.” That means the price would have to be printed on the screen big enough to read, and not just read quickly read by a fast-talking announcer.

The spike in drug costs for U.S. consumers, particularly seniors, was a 2016 campaign issue for President Donald Trump, who promised that he would lower costs for most Americans. Trump’s health secretary, Alex Azar, is a former executive at pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Co., which faced criticism during his tenure for dramatically raising prices for its insulin products.

Azar on Monday said the drug industry “remains resistant to providing real transparency” on pricing.

“Patients deserve to know what a given drug could cost when they’re being told about the benefits and risks it may have,” Azar said in a speech Monday at a forum hosted by the National Academy of Medicine. “They deserve to know if the drug company has pushed their prices to abusive levels. And they deserve to know this every time they see a drug advertised to them on TV.”

List price is typically considered the sticker price of a drug and doesn’t take into account rebates or discounts. The Health and Human Services Department says the rule would apply to any company advertising on television for prescription drug and biological products paid for by Medicare or Medicaid. The agency says the 10 most commonly advertised drugs have list prices ranging from $535 to $11,000 per month or usual course of therapy.

This is why we need someone to run against Trump in 2020 on true conservative values.

It’s not simply that we need to start a war with Russia, allow infinite numbers of brown people to flood the country and have a $500 billion deficit with China – we also need to protect multinational corporations from predatory senior citizens.

Next thing you know, this non-conservative president is going to start regulating the tech industry and other vulnerable multinational enterprises that have no protections against hostile consumer populations.