Trump to Launch His Own Social Media Company (Or Something)

The Real President Donald Trump is planning to launch his own social media company, advisor Jason Miller told Fox News on Sunday.

Miller did not clarify what exactly this means.

It’s not clear whether this will just be a Trump website where people can post comments, or a Twitter clone like Paler and Gab, where people make their own accounts and so on.

One thing is clear: he should have done this in 2017, when the censorship started after Charlottesville. Or even before that – censorship was predictable before it happened (I had been banned from banking before Charlottesville, as well as banned from social media sites).

I literally wrote about how Twitter was going to eventually ban him, all the way back then. Being indebted to these tech companies is no different than having a noose around your neck that some liberal has the end of, and can pull whenever they want to pull it, closing your throat.

What is also unclear is how Trump plans to keep the site online. He’s already been banned from Twitter and Facebook for inciting violence, which means he’s lined up to be banned from backbone services. There are several of those that you can only get in Russia or China. He can obviously own his own server, but delivering a website is a lot more complicated than that.

Knowing Trump, there probably isn’t a plan for this and the website is going to be a disaster even if it doesn’t just keep getting shut down every other day.

This whole situation is stupid.

I love Trump, and I miss him deeply, but this thing he is doing doesn’t make any sense other than for his own personal reasons. He should have flown to Russia and declared himself “government in exile” like the Taiwanese. Russia would have recognized him as president. Probably China would have; they said last week the election was fake and it is only upsides for them.

North Korea would have recognized him.

That would have been actually epic and max awesome. This thing he’s doing now is like watching your grandfather dying of cancer on a ventilator.