Trump to GIVE THE BOOT to a Quarter Million Parasites from El Salvador

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2018

Innocent childrens from El Salvador are just looking for a better life, goyim. 

Most of the headlines we’re seeing are saying that it is 200,000 Salvadorians getting the boot, but in fact it is over 250,000.

This is a big white pill.

Trump clearly has a strategy where when he’s done something to offend the far-right – like he did by supporting the Iranian riots – he does something to make up for it. It’s hard to make a math equation out of this stuff – especially given that the government of Iran is still standing and these Salvadorians aren’t due to be deported for another year and a half.

But the butthurt from the Jews over the mere mention of throwing these people the hell out of our country is worth a whole lot to me. And remember: this stuff is about hearts and minds, and changing the way people think. And when Trump says he’s throwing out a quarter million people who have been here for almost two decades, the mere statement of this – putting into people’s minds that such things are possible – changes the entire shape of politics.

The practical problem that I see here is the same with Mexicans generally and that is birthright citizenship. Brown sluts are hornier than a triceratops so the only ones that wouldn’t have had a kid in the last 17 years are the ones that were too old to have kids when they came here.


On Monday, the Trump administration announced that it was stripping approximately 260,500 Salvadoran immigrants — who’ve been in the US for at least 17 years, since a 2001 earthquake — of temporary legal status as of July 2019.

It’s the latest, and most significant, blow in the administration’s fight against Temporary Protected Status, an immigration program that lets the government allow immigrants to stay in the US and work legally after their home countries are struck by natural disasters or war.

El Salvador is the fourth country for which the Trump administration has announced an end to TPS protections over its first year. In total, the administration has set up more than 320,000 immigrants to lose their legal status over the course of late 2018 and 2019 (and possibly as many as 375,000, depending on what it decides to do with 57,000 Honduran immigrants this spring).

The overwhelming majority of those immigrants have deep roots in the US. And Salvadorans might have the deepest roots of all: Approximately 192,700 US-born children have at least one parent who’s on track to lose legal status due to the administration’s Monday announcement.

The Trump administration argues that the TPS program was never intended to allow immigrants to stay for 17 years, and that it needs to end temporary status to provide a “permanent solution.” But it’s unclear, at best, that the Trump administration will be interested in pushing Congress to legalize hundreds of thousands of Central American (and Haitian) immigrants. Furthermore, the administration is telling Salvadoran immigrants that they have 18 months to make other arrangements to stay in the US or pack their bags.

After two decades in the US, hundreds of thousands of families will now have to decide whether to return to one of the most violent countries on earth — or remain in the US as unauthorized immigrants and try to slink into the shadows.

So they left because of the earthquake but they don’t want to go back because of the violence. Ha.

Of course, what Vox won’t tell you is that the reason El Salvador is violent is because it is filled with Salvadorians. If El Salvador was populated by Singporean Han Chinese, it would be one of the least violent countries on earth instead of one of the most violent countries on earth.

What that means is that when you bring a violent population to a peaceful place that place becomes more violent. In fact, the majority of members of MS-13, by far the most violent gang operating in the United States, are Salvadorian.

These people make Mexican gangs look like kids stuff (and make black gangs look like a daycare center for retarded children). This is because, while Mexican sluts were getting dicked by Spanish conquistadors, Central America remained largely untouched.

These are straight Aztec blood-drinkers.

Their tattoos often have death cult type symbolism.

Last year, some Central American youths actually got caught doing a satanic human sacrifice.

What I’m telling you is that you are dealing with an atavistic type of genetic evil here. It is literally like you’ve taken the blood-drinking Aztecs and brought them into the modern world.

In 1487, the Aztecs had a 4-day temple dedication celebration and killed between 20,000 and 80,000 people as human sacrifices. You pull people who would come up with the idea to do that out of the 15th century and into the 21st, and of course they are going to be running drug gangs.

Human behavior is genetic. We know this. It is a scientific fact. The Jews don’t even deny it. They simply call you a hater for saying it.

But everywhere you look, it is as plain as the tattoos on a Salvadorian’s face.