Trump to Appoint Goy Jerome Powell to Fed Chairmanship

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2017

In some ways, the position of “Chairman of the Federal Reserve” holds even more power than the Presidency. It has the power to make the economy grow or contract, to give the government credit or not, and just generally affect interest rates and other economic/financial variables in a very direct way.

By all rights, this power should be in the hands of the government, not an unelected gaggle of Jews. As it stands, they can easily use this power as a tool to threaten the government and force it to adopt policies favorable to the Jews.

America will never truly be free as long as it’s still under the thumb of this horrible Fed system. It will eventually have to be abolished and replaced with something more sensible.

But in the meantime, replacing the current kike chairman with a gentile is definitely an improvement.


A few months ago, Jerome Powell was reckoned to be too tough on banks to get President Donald Trump’s nod for a key supervisory post at the Federal Reserve.

Now he’s said to be in line for the top job as Fed chairman, with the expectation that he’ll make life easier for the financial industry. Three people familiar with the decision said Trump had told Powell he’s the nominee, though that hasn’t been confirmed by the White House, the Fed or the candidate himself. A public statement is due Thursday. Trump’s pick was reported earlier by the Wall Street Journal.

We don’t want filthy shekel-grabbers in charge of our money.

In the running to be chief banking overseer, Powell was passed over by administration insiders who associated him with the rush to regulate after the 2008 crash. As a Fed governor since 2012, he did sign off on a lot of new rules — but only after privately raising some red flags first. The former private-equity executive was at times a lone voice at Janet Yellen’s Fed, warning that well-intentioned regulation could end up holding back the economy.

That’s a temperate version of Trump’s charge that red tape is choking the flow of credit to business. The president, a former real-estate developer, has also made it clear that he’s fine with the cheap money that’s characterized the Yellen era. Those preferences add up to a Fed chair who would stick with the program on monetary policy and loosen some restrictions on banks — an equation that’s led Trump to Powell.

Except for the fact that he’s rich, Powell is unlike Trump in almost every way. He’s a low-profile pragmatist, a team player who avoids making waves.In tapping him, Trump ignored pressure from his own party to put a disrupter like himself in charge at the Fed. Powell was chosen over rivals including Kevin Warsh and John Taylor — a favorite of Vice President Mike Pence — who were associated with calls for much higher interest rates and a fundamental shake-up at the world’s most powerful central bank.

Trump ultimately needs to pull an Andrew Jackson and destroy this evil Jew institution.

Will these policies be what’s best for America? I don’t know. But really, if the Fed isn’t abolished, then the next best thing is a Fed that takes orders from Trump, rather than private banks.

I’ve been worried for a long time that the Jews could create a credit crunch to sabotage Trump’s presidency. That would in effect create a big recession, and normies would never understand that the blame lay in Jew scheming rather than Washington’s policies. But if Trump can somehow prevent this kind of thing by appointing a new chairman, then that’s one less danger he’ll have to contend with.