Trump Threatens to Close the Border with the Military if Mexico Doesn’t Stop Caravan Invaders

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2018

Thousands of Central Americans have formed a caravan with the goal of invading the United States. Fortunately, the President of the United States has responded strongly to this grave national security threat.

On Thursday, Donald Trump posted a handful of tweets warning Mexico that he’s prepared to close and militarize the southern border if they fail to stop this caravan of Central American invaders.

Representative Matt Gaetz thinks the people in this caravan are possibly getting paid by non-governmental organizations linked to the Jew billionaire George Soros. He posted a video clip showing what appears to be these invaders getting paid to make the journey.

The Soros funded Open Society Foundation denied the allegations. Of course, it isn’t like they’d openly admit to participating in a human trafficking operation. It’s a well-known fact that non-governmental organizations were trafficking people from Africa into Europe so it isn’t far fetched to believe that the same type of thing is happening here.

The good news is that it looks like the Mexican government got Trump’s message. A group of riot police was deployed down to their southern border to deal with the incoming caravan.

Apparently a deal has been struck to establish shelters alongside Mexico’s southern border to deal with this fiasco.

Fox News:

U.S. and Mexican officials have agreed on a plan to handle the approaching migrant caravan making their way up from Central America, a senior administration official told Fox News on Thursday.

Under the deal, which was developed over the course of several months, Mexico requested that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) establish shelters along its southern border with Central America, the official said.

Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Geronimo Gutierrez elaborated on the request, during an interview on Fox News’ “Special Report.”

It appears as if this caravan business is a coordinated effort to make Trump look bad right before the election. His tough stance on this was the right move and will make his political base happy. None of these people are fleeing oppression or anything of the sort. They only seek to invade the United States so they can get free money courtesy of the White American taxpayer.