Trump Tells Timid Tortoise Jeff “Slow” Sessions to Shut This Kookspiracy Shit Down Already

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2018

This guy’s face looks like it was drawn by Dr. Seuss. Why?

Jeff Sessions created this idiotic situation by recusing himself on Russia because he was made to feel bad by the perverted kike Al Franken.

He needs to fix his idiot mistake and shut this shit down already. It’s gone way too far. It had already gone too far before it started. We already knew for a fact it was all fake. Now a year later, after spending tens of millions of dollars, they have found absolutely nothing but a boomer with a beach house, ostrich coat and a $20,000 watch.

Shut. It. Down.


I thought he was just going to let this thing play out.

I think he thought he was going to do that too.

But it is just never ending.

BUT – I don’t think he thinks Sessions is going to shut it down, and basically, I don’t think he could shut it down after having recused. This is rhetoric Trump is using.

But you know what Sessions could do?

He could appoint a second special counsel to investigate the current special counsel. 

That sounds insane and absurd, but we are living in insane/absurd times.

Sessions absolutely has the authority to do this.

And there are MASSIVE MOUNDS of evidence that the Mueller investigation is the result of a seditious conspiracy to impede the President of the United States.

Comey lied under oath before Congress to get this special counsel appointed by the Jew Rod Rosenstein (who again, had that authority because Sessions recused). Comey’s lies go back to the #pissgate dossier funded by Hillary Clinton. Fake evidence was presented by the FBI to the FISA court, knowingly. Mueller hired people from the FBI who had been involved in a conspiracy to both let Hillary off the hook for her crimes and stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

We have evidence of all of this. 

No, not “evidence” – FULLY DOCUMENTED PROOF.

So appointing a special counsel to investigate this special counsel is absolutely reasonable.

Last Night

Trump had a great rally in Florida last night where he talked about this and other things. Really fun stuff.

I believe that there is no Trump but Trump.

The man who campaigned is the man that is in office.

He is The Leader.

He will prevail, or he will die trying.

Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant!