Trump Tells Brown Communist Democrats to Leave America, Return to Their Shitholes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2019

Man, President Trump’s Twitter account has been pure fire lately.

This might be the funniest thing he’s ever tweeted.

Those four he’s speaking of are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley – the four young communist brown women currently at war with Nancy Pelosi.

This is the kind of WHITE NATIONALISM we elected him for. And we’re obviously seeing it only because there’s another election coming up. But I’ll tell you, even knowing that, it still feels so good.

Especially when this is the double whammy of telling brown people to GTFO and also giving Nancy Pelosi the kiss of death by defending her against accusations of racism. He is purposefully inflaming the brewing hot war between Nancy and brown communism, which is only going to keep getting funnier.

AOC hit back at Trump, claiming she’s American.

She actually was born in America.

But Trump is of course referring to Puerto Rico, which is technically American – but is a totally corrupt and incompetent shithole.

And I’m sure they would welcome a figure such as AOC, who would bring prestige to their debased colony.

Omar also fired back.

We’re all angry that our entire fucking country has been invaded and conquered by foreigners, Ilhan. Just imagine how you would feel if Somalia was invaded by Sudan. Or if Somalia was invaded by America, which it was, and which you’ve previously complained about – and we didn’t take over your government and claim to be the true Somalians.

All Trump is doing is once again expressing our collective anger.

Rashida’s response was unimpressive. She didn’t even bother calling him a white nationalist.

It may be that she is the smarter one who knows how popular it is to inflame race tensions.

This is what elected Trump and this is what will always be the best way for him to gain support.

The funniest thing is that Trump was clearly including Ayanna Pressley, who is actually just a black American from Chicago.

So this is not some half-assed anti-immigrant white nationalism. Trump is literally telling American blacks to go back to Africa.

It’s weird that she didn’t bother to point that out.

I would think she would have played up the fact that she’s a descendant of slaves. But she just posted that.

Again, it’s possible they’re being advised not to play this up too hard. Because if she said “I’m an American, my ancestors have been here for hundreds of years” there is no guarantee that Trump wouldn’t respond by telling her “yeah, sure, but your home is Africa and you should go back and help your people.”

And if Trump tweeted that, you’d be in revolutionary territory. No president has said blacks should go back to Africa since (ironically) Abraham Lincoln. And technically, in Sunday’s tweets, Trump already did say this. It’s possible he thought Pressley is also a Somalian or something, but I doubt it. I think he is just signaling HARD, because he isn’t going to do anything, but he knows that if he’s telling black Americans to go back to Africa, even people who are extremely fed-up with his bullshit are going to go vote for him just because that shit is fucking hilarious.