Trump Suspends ALL Immigration to the US!

This coronavirus situation might well end up delivering like Santa Claus.

There are no details on what this means, and I’m sure it’ll have exceptions.

But basically, the economy is not coming back. We are going into a hell situation. And if we’re in a hell situation, and immigration has already been suspended, I don’t think that President Trump is going to reinstate it.

If I were Trump, I would use this opportunity to establish a dictatorship. The Constitution has already been completely burned. There is literally nothing stopping him but himself.

With people in this state of absolute fear, which the media created, he could very easily just start rounding up his enemies and having them executed by secret tribunals. People have certainly seized total power in much less dire situations.

America is now basically a beautiful woman passed out in Donald Trump’s bed. All he has to do is roll over and take her.

I don’t think he’s going to do that. But I didn’t think he would ban all immigration either.

I think a Donald Trump dictatorship could end up being the government he campaigned on establishing.