Trump: “Suburban Women, Will You Please Like Me?”

On Tuesday night in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Your Favorite President begged filthy whores to vote for him.

“Suburban women, will you please like me?” the President pleaded.

I don’t blame him for making this direct appeal. We live in a completely deranged and Jewish culture where women are allowed to vote, and their vote counts as much a man’s.

So what is he supposed to do, other than appeal to them?

Just try to imagine that this is supposed to be a serious country and a superpower, and at the same time, we ostensibly allow the direction of our country to be determined by literal women.

Women have less emotional stability and less critical thinking capacity than dogs. They are approximately ten zillion times less loyal and less moral than dogs.

And yet, they rule over us.

Woe unto my people.

I wait for the day when the reward of the hands of the boomers who allowed this to happen is given to them.

It is gonna be ill, I can tell you this much.

Here’s the full rally.

He’s on fire.

Imagine that they were saying he was going to die from a mild flu virus.

Speaking of a mild flu virus: whoever came up with the idea to replace surgical masks with Red Dead Redemption style robbing masks is a genius.

I don’t think there should be any masks at all, but you know they’re trying to say people are going to die from going to his rallies. At least it looks awesome.