Trump Social Media Site “GETTR” has a Lot of Problems

The hottest meme on GETTR right now

Donald Trump has not been doing great with his internet presence.

He created a failed blog while waiting around for his top aide, Jason Miller, to create his own version of Facebook for him. That launched last week, and it has been hacked twice.

Probably more concerning is the bizarre Orwellian language in the ToS, which sounds exactly like the language used in the ToS of the regular social media companies. It says “we support free speech,” then says “except hate speech.”

So basically, the rules are the same as Twitter and Facebook, except you can say Trump won the election.

In 2016, you could deny the Holocaust and say “nigger” on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The anti-hate speech policies weren’t created until after Charlottesville in 2017, and weren’t really enforced until 2018.

Conservative media is claiming that this is a First Amendment platform, but the GETTR ToS might even be worse than Twitter’s.

The media is crediting Jason Miller with creating the site, but after an investigation by National File, the media admitted that the actual founder of the site is the fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, who has declared himself the leader of a new Chinese government in exile. Guo works with Steve Bannon. Last year, they filmed a bizarre video on a boat where they said they were the true leaders of China, and swore to tear down the existing Chinese government and install themselves as rulers. It was one of the weirder things I’ve seen, frankly.

Their new government in exile is called “Steve Bannon Presents The New Federal State of China.”

It’s some kind of Falun Gong thing. Falun Gong, for those who don’t know, is a cult started by the CIA in China that advocates for the overthrow of the Chinese government.

It’s all difficult to understand, exactly, but it seems that Bannon has actually gone insane.

You also may remember that it was Guo who posted all of the porno images from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was a very strange thing to do on a lot of different levels. Most primarily, it made it look like the complaint regarding the laptop was that Hunter Biden was getting footjobs from prostitutes, which was not the actual complaint.

Anyway, the decision Trump made to directly link his business to this guy and Falun Gong shows that Trump himself is not thinking right. Of all the weird things Trump could get involved with, Falun Gong is probably one of the weirdest. I do understand the series of events: Trump and/or Miller must have been thinking “oh well, Steve Bannon did Breitbart, so he can probably handle this.”

If you go to GETTR, it is all filled up with stuff about China. For example, the news column is all somehow related to China. A story about the recent assassination of the President of Haiti suggests that it was done by the Chinese.

All the links are to weird, spammy fake news sites, presumably all owned by Guo.

Even the main promotional material for the site features materials about China – specifically, the claim that all of the problems in the world are the fault of the Chinese government, and if it is destroyed, the problems will all be solved.

So Trump, in promoting this website, is promoting this entire agenda.

Is he getting paid to do that?

Remember, the owner of Gab said that the reason Trump wouldn’t use that service is that Jared Kushner insisted that they ban criticism of Jews. So it’s really unclear what exactly the agenda here is. Is Trump trying to have a voice on the internet, or is he trying to regulate the speech of his supporters? Is he trying to promote Falun Gong and “The New Federal State of China”?

None of this is clear.

I don’t really recommend anyone sign up for this website, because the data breach resulted in people’s IPs being leaked. I mean, you should use a VPN anyway, but just being signed up to a site that has been hacked twice in a week is not good internet safety.

It definitely does not look like it’s going to be around very long anyway, and it should also be noted that it is filled with pornography. I’m always trying to get you lads off of pornography, and as I always say, the number one thing is to just avoid ever seeing it and being triggered by it. I don’t know why you’re not allowed to talk about Jews but you’re allowed to spam porno, but that’s apparently the site’s rules.

What do you think the name means?

Is it like “GET TRump”?

Or is it a reference to Larry the Cable Guy?