Trump Says Troops in Afghanistan Will be Home by Christmas!

President Trump tweeted this week that the remaining US troops in Afghanistan will be home by Christmas.

This might sound like empty campaign rhetoric, but remember: Donald Trump is the single president since Jimmy Carter to not start a war during his first term in office. That is a big deal.

He has vastly reduced the presence of our troops across the globe, he basically killed the entire Obama-CIA nightmare in Syria, he’s refused as much as he can to escalate any tensions with Russia – he’s not perfect, but he’s the single best anti-war president anyone could really ask for in a day and age when the intelligence agencies completely dominate our government.

All of the neocon Jews – literally, all of them – have endorsed Joe Biden, and they’re specifically saying that they have done so because he will start wars.

At the debate, Kamala Harris was bragging about all of the George W. Bush people who have endorsed her ticket, and it is literally just a bunch of lunatic Jewish warmongers, plus black neocon Colin (pronounced “Colon”) Powell.

Trump is the peace candidate. He should be advertising that instead of this nonsense with how he let all the crack dealers out of prison.