Trump Says There’s No Indication Iran is Doing Anything

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2019

“Donald Trump at war” really is a nutty ride.

Now the guy is saying that Iran is the number one terrorist – but that it isn’t actually doing anything.


As he continues to trade verbal jabs with Tehran, US President Donald Trump issued a fresh barrage of threats on Monday, vowing to meet any provocation with “great force” while calling Iran the ‘number one provocateur of terror.’

“We’ll see what happens, but they’ve been very hostile, they’ve truly been the number one provocateur,” Trump told reporters as he was departing for a campaign rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania.

Washington has been “very much involved” in the situation with Iran – cranking up sanctions, sending over its military might and threatening war – “because we are trying to help a lot of people out,” Trump said.

As rhetoric between the US and Iranian governments heated up in the last few days, cautious voices have been pointing out the potentially devastating consequences of an all-out war between the US and the Islamic Republic, and the impact it could have on the region, including war-ravaged Iraq.

While neither of the sides appear to favor that prospect, at least publicly, Trump added fuel to his war-mongering rhetoric, promising to fend off any potential provocation from Iran “with great force.”

However, asked if he had a reason to believe that such a provocation is imminent, Trump admitted that there is nothing to suggest that.

“We have no indication that anything is happening or will happen, but if it does, it will be met, obviously, with great force. We’ll have no choice,” Trump said.

Having earlier on Monday refuted media reports that the US is seeking talks with Iran, Trump insisted that the ball is in Tehran’s court and that it is the Islamic Republic that will have to reach out to the US.

“If they call, we will certainly negotiate, but this is going to be up to them. I only want them to call if they are ready, if they are not ready, they don’t have to bother,” the US president said.

This is obviously a lot different than what Mike Pompeo is saying. He’s not only saying that there is an “indication,” he’s saying that he has solid intelligence from the Jews that the Iranians are planning to launch a war on the US – and he’s claiming that Iran was responsible for the Houthis sabotaging ships in Saudi Arabia and a missile being launched into the Green Zone in Iraq.

But Trump coming out and saying “no indication of anything”?

Talk about mixed signals.

I’m starting to think that this isn’t so much a war on Iran as it is a war on the American public.

That said, we are getting leaks saying that Trump knows that John Bolton and Pompeo are trying to bully him or trick him into a war with Iran, and that he doesn’t himself want to do that. I can believe this. But I just can’t believe that he doesn’t have the ability to fire them. Powerless or not – and I believe he is powerless – surely they can’t force him to have these lunatics in his cabinet?

So why not fire them?

Trump is risking going down as the man who destroyed the Western world. I wouldn’t want that on my tombstone.

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