Trump Says It’s Law and Order Time as the Country Continues to Burn

Donald Trump has finally emerged from his bunker and given a speech.

He’s threatening a military police state because the governors of every state have pulled all police and let everything burn down.

He’s still not calling out the governors for letting this happen on purpose. He’s just threatening a police state.

Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump declared himself the ‘law and order president’ Monday night as law enforcement officials used rubber bullets, tear gas and officers on horse back to clear out protesters so Trump could walk to an historic church across from the White House for a photo-op.

I am your president of law and order,’ Trump said in the Rose Garden as the split screen on televisions across the nation showed peaceful protesters being fired upon and cleared out 30 minutes before Washington D.C.’s curfew went into affect.

‘The biggest victims of the rioting are peace loving citizens in our poorest communities, and as they are president, I will fight to keep them safe. I will fight to protect you. I am your president of law and order and an ally of all peaceful protesters,’ Trump said in brief remarks. As he spoke helicopters circled over head and booming sounds could be heard.

Armed offices on horse back cleared protesters from around the White House so the president could walk across Lafayette Park to pay his respects to St. John’s Church, the historic chapel across from the White House known as the president’s church. It suffered damage in Sunday night’s protest.

If the city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residence, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them,’ the president said.

Immediately after he finished his remarks, he left the White House to walk to the church that was threatened with fire Sunday night. He walked across the cleared out park surrounded by aides and Secret Service agents.

Trump totally proved that it’s totally possible for him to walk 100 yards outside of his house. As long as he has the small escort of thousands of cops and the military.

It looks great, Donald.

Really great job.

Here’s a gold star and an extra snack for later.