Trump Says He’s Ending the Occupation of Germany as a Punishment

American troops have been occupying Germany since the end of World War II. It is a military occupation, first intended to prevent a resurgence of Nazism, then as a bulwark against communism. It’s unclear exactly what these troops are doing now. Apparently, their presence is vaguely intended to threaten Russia, though that is never explicitly stated.

One of the main things that Donald Trump campaigned on was ending NATO, as it was a remnant of the Cold War and no longer relevant to the current world order. Like all of his signature campaign promises, he’s given up on that completely, but if he were to remove the troops from Germany, that would certainly be a positive development for global freedom.


US President Donald Trump has confirmed rumors he was pulling almost 10,000 troops from Germany, saying that Berlin should live up to its commitments to NATO if it wants the US soldiers to stay.

“Germany as you know is…delinquent in their payments to NATO,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday, arguing that Berlin owes “billions” to the alliance. “Why should we be doing what we’re doing if they don’t pay?”

There are some 34,500 US troops currently stationed in Germany, and 25,000 would remain following the redeployment.

US media reported last week that Trump was “considering” directing the Pentagon to pull out 9,500 troops, but it was unclear whether the move would be permanent or temporary, or if they would be coming back to the US or going to another NATO country instead. Speculation about Poland being their destination was quashed by reports that Washington and Warsaw had not reached agreement on US basing rights, despite the Polish government’s public enthusiasm.

NATO members had pledged to increase their military spending to the 2 percent of their GDP, a target agreed during the Obama administration. Only a handful have since lived up to the pledge, however, and that number does not include Germany.

It might seem confusing to you, a normal person, why it is that the ending of a military occupation would be considered a punishment. But you, my dear normal person, do not understand the ideology of neo-liberalism.

Within the neo-liberalist ideology, the US military is the protector of everything which is sacred and true against the darkness and evil of the old world, the pre-war world, the world of the Nazis, the world of the race consciousness, an evil which is constantly encroaching, threatening to tear down everything that has been built, threatening to dispossess women, homosexuals, Jews and brown people.

This is an elite ideology, which hides under the surface of the reality that normal people see. The neo-liberalist looks at the universe as a completely different phenomenon than you view it as. They are not concerned about any of the little issues that consume your thoughts, because they are rich and these things do not affect them. They are concerned only about blocking any path for the past, for the true nature of man, the race consciousness, to reemerge and crush them.

The homosexuals and women who run the occupation government of Germany are under a constant fear that someone from this old world will come and take their power away, if not outright slaughter them. The neo-liberals are usurpers to a throne that did not belong to a man, but to a race of man. They stole the identity of a people, they took the humanity of all the peoples of Europe, and all of their power is based on being able to suppress that consciousness indefinitely.

They believe that anything passionate, anything human, anything that is less than sterile, could lead to the collective soul of the race being unleashed upon them. They believe that each individual is a neuron in a gigantic race-brain and if these neurons start buzzing, electricity will flow through the neural pathways of the society, and the old titan will wake up, he will walk and run and talk and scream and he will tear down the thing that they hold dear: the raw power of dominating a titan.

Neo-liberalism is celebrated as an order, and it truly is orderly. But to what end? No one seems to ask. The ends are not glorious; indeed they are the opposite.

This system destroys beauty. The beauty of the white woman is replaced with harsh beasts, whether they be the fat blobs who are shadows of femininity, a brown race or the transsexual, they are mockeries of what was once known as beautiful. The beauty of the male form has been violated similarly. Their art is vile, a celebration of ugliness. Their architecture, most notably the skyscraper, is a blight upon the land.

This system crushes progress. As we move forward, told we are moving into the future, we are surrounded by third world savages. Instead of pursuing intellectual or scientific pursuits, or any form of personal achievement, the people are encouraged to engage in debased sexual acts. To masturbate. Men cutting their penises off is a progression from men not doing that, we’re told. African jungle savages tearing down our past is a progression from the past itself, we’re told. Women dominating men is a progression from the patriarchy, we are told.

This system obliterates happiness. The disillusion of the family has meant that every man is truly an island, left alone and drifting. He buys drugs on the street or is given them by a doctor to prevent himself from being crushed under the weight of his own screaming biochemistry. Consumption replaces any ideal of being. There is no Desein. We are objects being acted on by our environment. Continual electronic stimulation is required to block out the loneliness and the pain of separation. Separation from ourselves, separation from our families, separation from our race consciousness. We are dead pixels.

It goes without saying that without any of the above, this system has no interest in reaching for the divine. God is dead, we are told. Shut up and watch these negroes dance, or riot, or whatever it is they’re doing on the screen currently. In fact, bow before these negroes, they say. They are your gods now, having come straight out of the stone age, a relic of the evolutionary process, here to be praised by you as your betters. Your gods. Your masters.

Surely, someone must look at this system, see that it seeks neither beauty, progress, personal happiness or divinity, and note that no civilization has been so lacking in form. But it’s formlessness is its power. The normal person doesn’t even grasp that it exists at all. It is a monolith that we only experience the shadow of. For the shadow covers all, and we live in the shadow of the great and formless shape.

The race consciousness is blotted out, the monolith uses us as its sustenance. Feeds upon our soul energy with its vile instruments.

In the East, perhaps the race consciousness may still be bobbing around. It is in a stupor, confused by the monolith, incapable of perceiving the form of the monolith as we all are, but it is there, blinking, bobbing, buzzing, demonstrating that the race consciousness has a pulse, which could at any moment turn into a rumble.

The race consciousness could start dully buzzing in Germany. Chatter could begin. And buzzing chatter – chatter is the stuff of which mobs are made. If a race mob were to emerge, then another, and another – this is akin to a pandemic, in the eyes of the neo-liberalist.

The chatter, the mob, then the titan awakes, and he tears down the monolith. For the titan has the power to crush the monolith with ease. With his littlest finger, he could flick it, send it crashing down, if he were to rise.

He has suffered brain death. But a jolt – it could wake him. His body must be picked apart, mutilated through massive waves of immigration. The women of the race must be fed into the grinder of interracial sex. The men must be forced to cease the act of procreation.

The project is not finished, and it may always come down to sheer violence. The chance exists that a flickering of brain activity within the race consciousness could happen, and needs to be cut down. That is why removing US troops from Germany is a punishment. And that is why it not ever going to actually happen.

In theory, cuts like this would be necessary due to the coronavirus collapse. But they will cut your food money first.