Trump Says He’s Declassifying Russiagate, Tweets Chris Farley Meme Against Rat Barr

President Trump has tweeted that he will be declassifying all Russiagate material. If he had the ability to do this, I don’t know why he didn’t do it two years ago, but okay.

This comes after the release of documents showing, as I wrote about last week, that the FBI, CIA, Barack Obama, and literally everyone knew from the beginning that “Russia collusion” was a hoax manufactured by Hillary Clinton.

Following the announcement, he went on a tweet rampage about the issue, retweeting and tweeting a storm of materials. He was heavily retweeting and quote-tweeting Paul Sperry, a commentator and fellow at the Hoover Institution, and then Greg Jarrett, a Fox News panelist.

But this is the single most important tweet, which Trump retweeted from his own replies:

Why will William Barr not do anything?

I wonder?

Is it because he is a shill, who advertised himself to Trump, so he could take this position and do exactly this: nothing?

Someone needs to start asking that question.

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No justice will be done as long as William Barr is in charge. He’s not going to arrest the Clintons or Obama, he’s not going to arrest Antifa, he’s not going to arrest Ilhan Omar’s Somalian gang.

He has to go.