Trump Says He Signed an Executive Order on Destroying Monuments

Trump has announced that he’s signed an executive order to stop the savages tearing down our monuments.

That’s good, I think. I’m not sure why there wasn’t a ceremony. He’s had signing ceremonies for much less relevant signings, and this would have been a good time to get whatever World War 2 vets are still alive gathered in the White House to condemn the savage mob.

But okay.

He claims to have signed it.

He also shared a list of suspects.

But as I’ve been saying this entire time, there are already laws that ban vandalism, and especially ban vandalism against monuments. The problem was not ever that there were not laws banning this, it’s that these laws were not being enforced.

The reason they are not being enforced is that the Attorney General, William Barr, refuses to enforce them.

I would have much preferred an announcement that William Barr is being fired and replaced with someone who is going to enforce existing laws than the announcement of a new law.

Who knows where this is going to go.

We’ve got less than five months to the election, and the revolution is not slowing. Trump is slowly waking from his own slumber, slowly starting to speak out against the people attempting to tear down the last remnants of our civilization, and it is obvious that whether he wins is primarily going to be based on how well he does with that.

So, we shall see.