Trump Says He Might Send More Feds to Fight the Mob in Other Cities

Donald Trump, the President of America, said on Monday that he may send more federal cops into various cities in America to fight the violent mobs of marauders who have taken over our country.

After sending the feds into Portland, he said he may send them to New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland and others.

As I have written, I am not particularly excited about this, given that there don’t appear to be any plans to charge any of these people with federal crimes. None of the governments of these cities are going to charge them with anything. So what purpose does it serve to have the feds out there fighting them on the street?

Portland doesn’t appear to have been made better because the feds are there.

The other half of that is this: if the feds were charging people for this violence and locking them up, there would be no reason to send the fed cops in to fight them on the streets. If you started handing down 10 year sentences like Trump wanted to do, they would stop doing this. No one wants to go to prison for ten years for having a public tantrum. They will just do drugs at home and watch Netflix.