Trump Says “Eggplant-Head Mulatto” Obama Destroyed White House Air Conditioning!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer 
July 28, 2019

Donald Trump is stepping up his attacks on the historical first black president, as he moves to remove any and all niggers from America!

How dare he!

Fox News:

President Trump has blamed predecessor Barack Obama for a litany of issues, from the Iran nuclear deal to the crisis at the border, and on Friday he added the alleged poor state of air conditioning in the White House to that list.

Trump made the remarks to reporters in the Oval Office, when discussing how he was going to his residence in Bedminster, N.J. in August. He said that such trips aren’t a vacation and that presidential away days are often used for maintenance on the White House.

“I’d rather be right here,” he said, before adding that “a lot of times you go and they do a lot of work in the White House.”

“For instance, the Obama administration worked out a brand new air conditioning system for the West Wing and it was so good before they did the system,” he said.

“Now that they did this system it’s freezing or hot in here,” he complained

It’s time for America to rally around Obama’s air conditioning.

Donald Trump is engaging in a two-pronged attack against the entire civilization of Africa.

Of course, he will deny the known fact that air conditioning itself was invented by Obama’s ancestor, the Egyptian King Elijah Tutencummings.

This is the last straw!

These racist and white supremacist comments cannot be tolerated.

It is time for Americans to rise up and overthrow this racist state, and institute an anarcho-communist utopia.

Enough is enough!