Trump Said He’s Going to Start Stripping All These Motherfucking Traitors of Their Shits

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2018

As I have said repeatedly, my position is that Trump should have everyone in the government executed in a mass ceremony officiated by Metallica.

But you know.

We take what we can get.

And stripping these sons of bitches of their security clearances as a form of public humiliation is bretty gud.


President Donald Trump said Friday that he would likely strip the security clearance of a Justice Department official “very quickly,” opening a new front in his battle with figures related to the special counsel investigation into his campaign and Russian election interference.

The official, Bruce Ohr, is a longtime government prosecutor who up until this week had not been a household name.

He was a name in my household.

Only my household name for him was “that kikesucking gook.”

That changed on Wednesday when press secretary Sarah Sanders named Ohr from the White House podium alongside a list of former national security and law enforcement officials who have been critical of the President and are now having their security clearances reviewed. On Friday, Trump expanded on his targeting of Ohr, who stood out on the list as the only official currently serving in government.

“I think Bruce Ohr is a disgrace,” Trump told reporters from the South Lawn on Friday. “For him to be in the Justice Department and doing what he did, that is a disgrace.”

The Washington Post reported Friday night that the White House has drafted documents that would revoke the security clearances of current and former officials Trump wants to punish for criticizing him or playing some role in the Russia investigation. Trump wants to sign “most, if not all” of them, a senior White House official told the Post.

Ohr is currently an attorney within the DOJ’s criminal division, according to a source familiar with his position. He led the department’s organized crime and racketeering section for over a decade and through last year served in a senior position within the Deputy Attorney General’s Office until he was demoted, CNN reported, after it was discovered that he had communicated with Christopher Steele, the ex-British spy who crafted the dossier of salacious and unverified information about Trump and Russia, and the founder of the US firm, Fusion GPS, that was hired to dig up that dirt.

Little is known publicly about the extent of the relationships between Ohr and Steele and Glenn Simpson, the Fusion GPS founder, but some House Republicans have seized on them as proof of an untoward connection between government officials and the roots of the Russia investigation that they criticize.

Look guys.

I can’t talk about Bruce Ohr right now.

It’s just too much.

I have like, serious PTSD from this shit already.

Just for those who aren’t following this: he was the guy who talked to the writer of pissgate, confirmed that Hillary Clinton paid for it and that it was fake, then told the FBI to go ahead with the FISA warrant but to not tell the FISA court that he had talked to Steele.

I will say the same thing I always say. All of these people are involved in a massive seditious conspiracy to undermine the government of the United States of America, and they should all be summarily executed in a massive public ceremony/music festival.

That is all.