Trump Retweets Zeke Emanuel Quote About Killing Old People

Real President Trump retweeted the title of an article and the subtitle of a piece by Jewish-Israeli mastermind Zeke Emanuel, the architect of Obamacare and advisor to Joe Biden on the coronavirus.

The headline reads: “Why I hope to die at 75: An argument that society and families – and you – will be better off if nature takes its course swiftly and promptly.”

Remember, Zeke Emanuel was the first person most of us saw saying that the coronavirus lockdown was not to flatten the curve but would in fact be indefinite. I wrote an article on April 9 about Emanuel saying that we would have to be locked down for 18 months.

It’s one of the most obvious instances of this hoax being shown to be a Jewish plot and not about public health – no one under the age of 75 dies of the coronavirus, and Emanuel wants everyone to die by 75. Emanuel should have seen the virus as a blessing.

Instead, he pushed for and might have played a role in actually inventing this lockdown. Clearly, his purposes are different than his stated purposes. He came out as a health official in order to push a globalist agenda to destroy the middle class with a virus hoax.

Joe Biden is putting together a Jewish nightmare of an administration.

It is so absolutely insane to imagine that there are white people who are right now celebrating the supposed downfall of Donald Trump. This is literally and straightforwardly celebrating the victory of your blood enemy who seeks to destroy you.

The fact that any single white person in America could vote for Joe Biden proves definitively and beyond any doubt that democracy is an absolutely failed system. Presumably, these white people who voted for Donald Trump do not actually want to have their lives completely destroyed, and be forced to serve an evil Jewish machine. But they voted that way, because they are psychologically and emotionally fragile.

Suicide is illegal for a reason. We’ve decided as a society that people do not have a right to end their own lives, because that decision affects the entire society. We imagine that we live in a society. A vote to destroy yourself is not a valid vote. People who would vote to destroy themselves need to be protected by people who are smarter than them.

Of course Emanuel is going to call for more lockdowns, and use Joe Biden to get it done. He said 18 months in April. At that point, the middle class will be completely bankrupt and the dollar will have collapsed or be almost there. That’s what he said he was going to do, and he’s going to do it.

At that point, we will be ready for the Great Reset.