Trump Retweets “Everyone is Lying” About Covid – “CDC, Media, Democrats, Our Doctors”

Donald Trump is playing games with my heart.

First, he did a cuck muzzle photo-op that made me want to puke into my own soul.

Now, two days later, he is retweeting about how very fake this quarantine communism hoax is, and making me feel those warm 2016 feelings.

This is much worse than anything a woman could ever do to me. A woman can never judge the value of a man, but Donald Trump, for good or ill, has become the living head of America’s belief in its own worth. A woman could only spawn my children and clean my toilet, but Donald Trump could maybe prevent my entire nation from being destroyed.

Here are the tweets, retweeted by the Big Guy on Sunday night.

Chuck Woolery is a game show host who got totally redpilled.

Probably, Trump’s people came back with some numbers about his copying Joe Biden’s black cuck muzzle look, and they were very bad numbers – the worst. It should have at least been red, white and blue – or better yet, he could not do it at all.

If he was going to do it, he should have worn a full gas mask.

Or better yet – a plague doctor mask.

In fact, he should just wear a plague doctor mask until the election to scare the opposition.

As we have covered, coronavirus is not more dangerous than the flu. Governments could have safely ignored it with minimal consequences, just as they ignored Cantonese flu epidemics, some of them much worse than this one, about once every decade since the beginning of recorded history.

The death of some 82-year-olds, who otherwise might have made it to 85, is actually not a social problem or even a net loss. They were going to die anyway.

If this would have been ignored completely, no one would have noticed that maybe a few more old people were dying. If the virus had never been identified, no one would be asking what was going on.

It is a complete hoax.

Andrew Cuomo is saying that this is like Watergate. No one knows what he did.

Cuomo is saying Trump should fire the CDC head and Anthony Fauci after he accused them of lying. I would normally agree with that. But previously, bad things have happened when Trump fired lying scumbags.

People think the virus is real. Trump’s own people think it is real, because Trump didn’t come out and say it was a hoax from the beginning. Actually, technically he did say it was a hoax in the beginning, but then he brought in Fauci to say it was the end of the world.

So, he now has to deal with this, because if white women – that is to say, dumb bimbos – who voted for him in 2016 think he’s not going to protect them from a virus, they will vote for Slippery Joe.

At the same time, if he fully endorses the hoax, then he’s going to have to figure out a way to deal with the fact that the Democrats are pushing a vote by mail hoax.

It’s a real pickle.

One might even say he’s turned himself into a pickle.

He’s Pickle Donald.

So, we’ll see how he handles all of that.

In this show called “Rick and Morty,” when the main character, known as “Rick,” turned himself into a pickle, he became a “Pickle Rick,” and then, I kid you not, he says, “I’m Pickle Rick.” It was the funniest shit I’ve ever seen. Pickle Rick was able to kill a rat and make himself a rat body.

I don’t know if that is something that might help Trump, but I’m going to call the White House and tell him to watch season 3, episode 3 of the television cartoon show “Rick and Morty,” as it might give him some ideas.

Along with tweeting about the coronavirus hoax over the weekend, Trump also retweeted a video of Matt Gaetz calling what is going on right now a “cultural genocide.”

I don’t like Matt Gaetz, and I believe he is a pederast, but he is a millennial and he does try to use internet memes as part of his brand, and I’m glad to see Trump tweeting the term “cultural genocide.”

We need to get the term “genocide” out there.

Trump has also been on-point with the funny Biden clips.

He appears to be on the right course ever since his Rushmore Doctrine speech on the 3rd. The mask thing was just a weird slip-up.

There is still almost no chance he’s going to win, even if he does everything right, because he doesn’t have the ability to prevent states from doing vote-by-mail.

But as this is all our lives and our entire civilization hanging in the balance here, I do hope he puts up a good fight.