Trump Retweets Cowboy Supremacist Saying “Only Good Democrat is a Dead Democrat (Politically Speaking)”

On Thursday, President Trump retweeted a video of a cowboy saying that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

His meaning in retweeting something like this is totally unclear. It is obviously meant to incite people. But what is the purpose of inciting people, when he isn’t himself going to do anything?

Maybe he didn’t watch the video and just retweeted it because the guy had a cowboy hat on in the thumbnail?

The guy in the video is Couy Griffin, the founder of Cowboys for Trump. He is also the County Commissioner in Otero County, New Mexico.

“I’ve come to a place where I’ve come to the conclusion that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” Griffin says in the start of the clip to cheers and applause.

“I don’t say that in the physical sense, and I can already see the videos getting edited where it says I want to go murder Democrats,” Griffin continues. “No. I say that in the political sense because the Democrat agenda and policy is anti-American right now.”

Later, Griffin again says that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” but adds that he’s “saying it politically-speaking.”

This is kind of irresponsible language. But whatever, this is just some guy in New Mexico.

Trump retweeting it though is weird. I don’t support Trump moderating himself based on the way the media is going to misreport what he says, but he did retweet a guy saying “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.” And if someone goes out and kills a Democrat, Donald Trump is going to be blamed, with people saying he was telling his supporters to do that by posting this clip.

They would run it nonstop.

There is just no reason to hand this kind of material directly to the media. It’s dumb and there are much more important things that Trump could be tweeting about. For example, he could be posting the facts about this coronavirus hoax. There is an entire list of facts that no one has. He could also be telling people to organize protests against the lockdowns, as he has sort of hinted at already but seems to have forgotten about. Any of that would do a lot more good than slyly implying people should kill Democrats, which is actually insane.

When you’re president, you should never go full Joker mode.

I am worried that Donald Trump has perhaps lost the plot.