Trump Repeals Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Rules on Her Birthday

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2020

At a, um, at a number of different school lunch rooms…

I like Donald Trump best when he acts like a 12-year-old.

New York Times:

The Trump administration moved on Friday to roll back school nutrition standards championed by Michelle Obama, an effort long sought by food manufacturers and some school districts that have chafed at the cost of Mrs. Obama’s prescriptions for fresh fruit and vegetables.

The proposed rule by the Agriculture Department, coming on the former first lady’s birthday, would give schools more latitude to decide how much fruit to offer during breakfast and what types of vegetables to include in meals. It would also broaden what counts as a snack.

A spokeswoman for the department said that it had not intended to roll out the proposed rule on Mrs. Obama’s birthday, although some Democratic aides on Capitol Hill had their doubts. Food companies applauded the proposal, while nutritionists condemned it, predicting that starchy foods like potatoes would replace green vegetables and that fattening foods like hamburgers would be served daily as “snacks.”

“Schools and school districts continue to tell us that there is still too much food waste and that more common-sense flexibility is needed to provide students nutritious and appetizing meals,” Sonny Perdue, the agriculture secretary, said in a statement. “We listened and now we’re getting to work.”

Combating childhood obesity was Mrs. Obama’s signature issue, a rallying cry for her supporters and a lightning rod for conservative critics who saw it as epitomizing the liberal “nanny state” of the Obama era.

Well, somebody’s going to need to do something about these fat children, and it isn’t going to be their parents.

It isn’t going to be Michelle Obama either, however.

That tranny was promoting the food pyramid AKA the voodoo diet AKA the Illuminati diet.

She just reshaped it as a circle. With a moon milk carton. And “meat” replaced with “protein” to make way for soy and bug protein (she also promoted vegetarianism).

The theory
The thing in practice

In actual fact, the “food circle” is way dumber than the Illuminati diet. You eat as much fruit as you do “protein”? These are two separate types of categorization. Protein is simply a macro-nutrient and a fruit is a type of plant. The idea that you should eat as much fruit as you do meat is insane. And why are there no fats? Do you get 100% of your fats from the dairy moon?

This is Common Core-tier.

Childhood obesity went up during the Obama years, as it has always gone up.

You’re going to need a much more aggressive technique to fix the fat problem in America. Namely, you’re going to need massive new food regulation guidelines, banning entire categories of processed food.

If “conservatives” think they have a right to be fat then they should be sent to camps.

Fatness is an extreme anti-social behavior, and arguing for the legalization of processed foods is no different than arguing for the legalization of heroin. In actual fact, I would rather look at a mopey skinny sickly heroin addict than I would a fat sonovabitch. But I don’t want to look at either.

I want my Norman Rockwell Peak Wholesome Soviet America.

J.C. Leyendecker will also of course be a model for the degree of extreme Soviet-style wholesomeness I’m going to force on people using THE STATE.

Anyone who gets in the way of my vision of a healthy and fit America can catch the next train to the fat camps, which are also heroin addiction camps, baggy clothing camps and camps for everything else people do that I’m against.