Trump Refuses to Wear Cuck Muzzle, Marco Rubio Gets So Mad His Buttplug Comes Loose

We must give Trump credit wherever he provides us with that ability, and his continued refusal to don the cuck muzzle is one such place.

So technically, he is holding a single piece of ground in this culture war.

The media is tattling on him.

ABC News:

President Donald Trump continued this week to eschew wearing face coverings even as he traveled to states where the coronavirus was spreading apace and as a Republican senator and GOP governors joined health experts in pushing for their use as the crisis worsened.

His continued opposition to wearing a mask came as an ABC News/Ipsos poll found an overwhelming majority of Americans said they had worn a face mask in public in the last week.

The president taped a town hall-style interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday afternoon at an airplane hangar in Green Bay, Wisconsin, at which the network required all attendees to wear masks and have their temperature checked upon arrival.

Trump was not wearing a mask in a short clip from the town hall that aired Thursday afternoon on Fox News, which hosted the event scheduled to air later in the day.

Earlier Thursday, the president visited the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the start of that war. He and first lady Melania Trump stood relatively close to elderly veterans and other dignitaries, none wearing a mask, although a White House spokesman told ABC News the veterans had been tested for COVID-19.

The mask requirement at the Wisconsin town hall, instituted by Fox News, stood in marked contrast to the two large-scale events the president attended over the past week, both of which featured large, indoor crowds not required to wear face coverings or practice social distancing.

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, there were signs top Republicans had started to increasingly embrace face coverings. In some states represented in the Senate by the GOP, the virus’s spread has picked up in recent weeks as state and local authorities relax social distancing requirements.

“Everyone should just wear a damn mask, like you guys are, like I am right now,” Sen. Marco Rubio, from hot-spot Florida, said he had told his Republican colleagues and Pence on Wednesday.

Echoing some Republican governors who have increasingly encouraged — but stopped short of mandating — face coverings to stem upticks in their states, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday would not say that he thought masks should be required, but that he thought people “ought to” wear them.

“That’s what we’re doing in the Senate and what I’m counseling other people to do,” he said.

You wear that gay shit Marco, Mitch. You should wear something so gay, because you’re both a couple of faggots.

But Trump will hold the line with “Vagina-Prioritizing Males” who believe that the proper place to stick a penis is in a vagina – not a man’s butthole.

They are trying to force us to wear the cuck muzzles to break our will. It is truly a “cuck muzzle.” It’s no different than trying to break us by forcing us to bow before the sickening blacks.

They’re saying now that 20 million Americans have had the virus.


At least 20 million people in the US may already have been infected with Covid-19, according to the latest estimate by health officials.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says the true number of cases is likely to be 10 times higher than the reported figure.

It comes as the state of Texas halted its reopening as infections and hospitalisations surged.

The US has recorded 2.4m confirmed infections and 122,370 deaths.

Some southern and western states have been reporting record numbers of cases in recent days.

It’s definitely a much bigger number than that, which means we already have herd immunity, which means that this is all completely nonsensical. Not that it wasn’t already. But it’s now at the point where no one can even talk about any potential consequences for not doing this weird crap.