Trump Refuses NAACP Speaking Offer

Daily Stormer
July 14, 2016


The NAACP is basically a Jewish terrorist organization using Blacks as pawns.

Apparently the Glorious Leader was invited to address the NAACP (National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People). This organization is entirely devoted to the mission of undermining white society to create a opulent welfare state to benefit Blacks.

The purpose of this invitation was no doubt hostile, as Blacks always vote as a block for the Democrats no matter what. It’s also well known that this organization was a Jewish front from the start. At best, speaking there would have been a waste of valuable time. At worst, it would have been a setup or ambush of some kind.

Needless to say, Trump is having none of that.

Washington Post:

The NAACP says Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has declined an invitation to address the group’s upcoming convention, flouting established precedent and highlighting anew the GOP standard-bearer’s struggle to attract support from nonwhite voters.


A GOP strategist learns the party is still polling at 5% with Blacks. This, even after all the cucking they did…

NAACP president Cornell William Brooks told CNN Tuesday that Trump had declined the group’s invitation to speak at the Cincinnati gathering, scheduled from Saturday through Wednesday. Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is slated to speak there next Monday, which is also opening day of the Republican National Convention across the state in Cleveland.

The Trump campaign did not respond immediately Tuesday night to an Associated Press request for comment.

Brooks said the Trump campaign cited scheduling conflicts with the GOP convention, where Trump will formally accept the party’s nomination. Brooks argued Trump should have made the time amid the racially charged fallout of videotaped killings of black men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, followed by the killings of five Dallas police officers by a black sniper.

It’s a very good basic approach to do the opposite of what your enemies suggest you “should” do.

Look, the reality is that pretty much no matter what, Blacks are just going to vote for Hillary. But that doesn’t matter.

We don’t need Blacks to vote for Trump.

As long as they stay home eating fried chicken on election night, we’re golden. Thus we shouldn’t try to get Blacks to become GOP supporters (lol), but just to hate Hillary enough that they don’t bother leaving the house come voting day.

hillary child rapist

Mustering the will to vote for this witch takes considerable effort to begin with.

That’s definitely doable.

I believe we even already have a strategy to do just that.