Real President Trump: *Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame*

Following the decision of the Supreme Court to throw out the Texas election lawsuit, Real President Trump did the *Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* meme on Twitter.

He is referring to the biggest suit yet, which was brought to the court by the Texas Attorney General and then signed by the Attorneys General from 18 other states, and Trump himself.

State Attorneys General have some ability to rush something before the Supreme Court, which they did, and the court simply said “no.”

For more details, we turn to the continually devolving Associated Press.


The Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit backed by President Donald Trump to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory, ending a desperate attempt to get legal issues rejected by state and federal judges before the nation’s highest court and subvert the will of voters.

Trump bemoaned the decision late Friday, tweeting: “The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!”

The high court’s order earlier Friday was a stark repudiation of a legal claim that was widely regarded as dubious, yet embraced by the president, 19 Republican state attorneys general and 126 House Republicans.

Trump had insisted the court would find the wisdom and courage to adopt his baseless position that the election was the product of widespread fraud and should be overturned. But the nation’s highest court emphatically disagreed.

Friday’s order marked the second time this week that the court had rebuffed Republican requests that it get involved in the 2020 election outcome and reject the voters’ choice, as expressed in an election regarded by both Republican and Democratic officials as free and fair. The justices turned away an appeal from Pennsylvania Republicans on Tuesday.

Imagine that the AP is supposed to be straight news, and they are now engaging in this level of editorialization. We truly have entered another world.

The AP had been getting more extreme progressively for years, but in 2020, they have gone all in. Every article reads as if it was written by Rachel Maddow.

Claiming that Trump is trying to “subvert the will of voters” by convincing the court to “reject the voters’ choice” is actually just factually inaccurate. Trump has made it very clear that he believes fraud took place, meaning that his stated agenda is actually to protect the vote. Even if you disagree with that, suggesting that he secretly knows that the vote was legitimate and is actually plotting to undermine real votes is not the place of a media that claims to be objective.

Typically, the method for communicating an agenda in an AP article was to quote sources which would allow you to make the statements you want to make in quotation marks. That is to say, you could call some Jewish professor who would say, “Trump knows the election was real and he is trying to subvert the will of voters by getting the high court to reject the voters’ choice.” That is actually more powerful because it is coming from an authority, instead of coming from random AP writers.

I still instinctively check to see if these new crazy style articles are op-eds, but it is always just a list of random Jews, like any other AP article.

(His name is literally “Merchant,” haha.)

In the biz, listing multiple authors is something of an archaic practice, which related to the actual process of collecting information before the internet. As it stands now, the purpose is largely to denote that this is not an op-ed – it says, “three separate individuals read through this and determined that the information is objective.”

The claim that the allegations of fraud are “widely regarded as dubious” is weasel wording. You could just as easily say that Biden’s supposed victory is “widely regarded as dubious.” Implying that it is a fringe minority that believes fraud took place is simply a lie, on par with the AP’s claim that the allegations are “baseless.” Half the country believes there was fraud, and the “base” is video evidence, eyewitness testimony, documented individual instances of fraud, and the basic fact that we’re supposed to believe Joe Biden got more votes than anyone in history, 15 million more than Obama got in 2012.

I mention the absurdity of this AP language because it ties in directly with the SCOTUS rejection of the case in that these people do not really seem concerned with convincing anyone of anything, and are instead relying on brute force.

The language of the AP, not to even mention the rest of the media, amounts to screaming “SHUT UP, FAGGOT” at every Trump supporter. This cannot be designed to convince anyone.

Obviously, they did steal the election, so they can’t do a real investigation into whether or not they stole the election – but they could just as easily have pretended to care!

If they wanted to convince people, the media and the Democrats would:

  • Avoid using all of this insulting language, as a matter of course
  • Avoid insinuating bad faith and conspiracy by Trump and his supporters
  • Claim to be taking allegations of fraud seriously
  • Have Joe Biden publicly state that he doesn’t want to win through fraud, and he wants every legal avenue to be pursued to show that his victory was legitimate so that the American people have confidence in our democratic system
  • Allowed one of the weaker cases to make it to the Supreme Court and spent time looking at it before ruling in favor of Biden

Of course, not all Trump supporters would be convinced, but a large number of them would be. Others would at least feel better about the fact that they had been heard.

It would have cost Democrats nothing to do this. They obviously have total control over these institutions, including the Supreme Court, so there was never any threat that the election would actually be overturned.

But they’re provoking Trump supporters!

There are only two explanations for this:

  1. They are unhinged, or
  2. They are purposefully trying to humiliate Trump supporters by rubbing the fraud in their faces

I don’t really know which it is.

But I will tell you: I am actually shocked that the SCOTUS won’t hear any single case on fraud.

The explanation they are giving is absurd:

In a brief order, the court said Texas does not have the legal right to sue those states because it “has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections.”

The judicially cognizable interest is that we all live in America, under the same president. Therefore, we are all going to feel the effects of the fraud.

This dismissal amounts to: “yeah okay, whatever, bro.”

It just seems crazy that the Democrats feel comfortable assuming power on such shaky grounds.

The electoral college votes Monday.