Trump Really Should Have Stuck with “It’s Just the Flu, Bro”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2020

President Trump has done a massive flip-flop on the Coronavirus, and it isn’t really being talked about.

He started out basically saying that it was just a flu, bro, and everyone needed to chill. Now he’s gone full-on believing it’s the apocalypse, and blaming the Chinese, while lying about dates.

At first I was like
But then I was like

Hindsight is of course 20/20, and I myself didn’t make any predictions about this because I didn’t know what was going on. No one did.

But in hindsight, with global infections only at 300,000 and global deaths at a mere 13,000, just weeks before the weather will break and kill the virus, I think it is now clear that he should have stuck to his original script.

She wasn’t such a bad bitch after all.

As far as we can tell right now, if Trump would have simply continued to say that this was a flu, and refused to give anyone any tests, there never would have been a high enough death count for it to be noticeable. All of the deaths could have simply been blamed on the flu, and come springtime, no one would have been the wiser.

As it stands now, Trump is playing into the hysteria, but just blaming it all on the Chinese, which I think makes him look weak.

But this bit was good.

And apparently, according to polls, it’s normal party lines giving approval to Trump’s handling of the virus.

Of course, he can say “look, no one is dying, I did such a good job” – but as we’ve realized, no one was going to die anyway.

Still, when all of this is over, the economy is probably going to have collapsed.

So, yes: I think the best thing to do would have been to continue to pretend it wasn’t happening. Embracing the panic has done nothing good, at all, either for the country or for Donald Trump.

Of course, I stand by the assertion that he should have shut down all incoming flights to begin with. But that should have been the end of it. That would have done virtually nothing to the economy, because no one comes to America for tourism purposes anymore, because America is literally a disgusting hell and being here is a punishment.

Basically, every single step that Trump has taken has been the wrong step.

I don’t know if he could have known or not, and I guess it just is what it is.

But I’m actually worried about his reelection for the first time.

He’d just better deliver that cash he’s promised.

He can go into this whole bullshit about how “China didn’t save us, it is the responsibility of the Chinese to set US government policy, I hate the Chinese,” but he is going to have a very hard time blaming it on the Chinese if we don’t get the money we were promised.

“Sorry folks, I tried to get you that $1,200, but the dog-eating chinks stopped me!”

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