Trump Rage-Tweets Against Russian Hoaxspiracy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2018

As we’ve said – the Russia investigation is best understood as a conspiracy to manufacture a conspiracy.

Thankfully, Trump is beginning to frame it in exactly those terms.

The spying was no doubt initially for the purpose of trying to dig up a scandal or blackmail plot to be used before the election to stop Trump from being elected.

The secondary goal was to create a back-up plan in the event that he did get elected. This was discussed in the “secret society” text messages between FBI agents Strzok and Page – who talked about having this discussion in the office of former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe.

NOTE: Remember also that DOJ official Michael Horowitz (JEW) initially tried to block the release of these texts by saying they’d been lost to a “technical glitch.” They were only finally released when he magically recovered them, possibly using alien science technologies. And he’s the Jew – still somehow employed – now put in charge of sharing the spying material with the White House and Congress.

There is no doubt in my mind that the agreed on contingency plan (also mentioned in Strzok-Page texts) by the conspirators was to gather information they could use to impeach Trump should he win – and they settled on claiming he was a Russian agent, given that the media had already been talking about “Russian interference” surrounding the claim – which there is still exactly zero evidence for – that Russia did Wikileaks. And that they couldn’t think of anything else.

So the pissgate dossier was created by Clinton and her Jew lawyers.

Then when Comey was fired – at the advisement of Jared Kushner, allegedly – the plan went into action, and Rod Rosenstein opened this witch hunt investigation of Trump, using Comey’s interpretation of the pissgate dossier as primary justification.

The theory was that the unlimited access of Comey to go fishing would dig something up.

But thus far, it has dug up absolutely nothing criminal or even out of the ordinary that Trump has done.

So Trump is striking back, finally.