Trump Quadruples Down on Soleimani Assassination, Says All “Bad People” Should be Assassinated by Drones

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2020

Donald Trump vs. Iran is like Rick vs. Negan. There are no shades of gray here, and if you suggest it is more complicated than a TV show, you’re a bad person.

This “I good guy, I kill bad guy, now is freedom time, I love you” bullshit that Trump and his people are putting out following the Soleimani assassination probably would have worked in the pre-internet age.

But now it just comes off as pandering to boomers, while mocking anyone who knows how to read the internet. The basic idea that we should just be assassinating people “because they are bad,” without even considering the potential consequences, is totally nuts if you are reading about potential consequences.

And right now, Trump is doing the most retarded thing imaginable by openly and aggressively framing the Democrats as the anti-war party, while he is the “Macho, Macho Man” who is willing to indiscriminately assassinate foreign leaders because they are “bad people.”

This is not a winning message.

And with Bernie on the rise, it is virtually incomprehensible that this is his strategy going into the 2020 election.

New York Times:

In the 10 days since it carried out the drone strike that killed Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, the Trump administration has been struggling to draft an after-the-fact narrative to justify it. On Monday, President Trump put an end to that hash of explanations. “It doesn’t really matter,” he tweeted, “because of his horrible past.”

Until that message on Twitter, the administration had insisted in various ways that General Suleimani, Iran’s most important military official, was planning myriad “imminent” attacks. The unraveling of the explanations accelerated over the weekend after Mr. Trump said four embassies were under immediate threat, a charge that his own administration could not back.

With the president’s latest utterance, he bolstered critics of a strike that had raised fears of an all-out war with Iran and had led Iraq to call on the United States to leave the country. And, the critics wondered, was it reckless and irresponsible for the United States to kill Iran’s second most important leader if the reason did not “really matter”?

“Trump has finally admitted the true motivation for the killing of Suleimani who had American blood on his hands: retaliation,” said Representative Ro Khanna, Democrat of California, who is sponsoring legislation to prevent the administration from spending federal funds on unauthorized military action in Iran.

Mr. Khanna and other congressional Democrats, who have complained about having been left in the dark both before and after the drone strike, interpreted Mr. Trump’s tweet as proof that he must seek authorization from Congress for any future strikes.

“I’ll say it again: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON’T WANT ANOTHER WAR BASED ON FALSE INTELLIGENCE,” Representative Barbara Lee, Democrat of California, tweeted.

“Ask not what your country’s wars can do for you, but what wars you can fight for Israel.”

The administration’s explanations for the strike have been shifting from day to day, and Monday was no exception. Mr. Trump’s tweet came in response to unflattering articles about how Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper appeared to contradict the president’s claim that he believed there was an imminent threat on four American embassies in the Middle East.

But Mr. Trump said he did not see any inconsistencies at all.

“It’s been totally consistent,” he said late Monday afternoon as he left for New Orleans for the College Football Playoff championship game. “We killed Suleimani, the No. 1 terrorist in the world by every account. Bad person, killed a lot of Americans, killed a lot of people. We killed him.”

He added: “When the Democrats try and defend him, it’s a disgrace to our country. They can’t do that. And let me tell you, it’s not working politically very well for them.”

Hur dur hur.

If we’re going to kill every “bad person” on earth, then how about we start by doing targeted assassinations of black people in Chicago and Baltimore? Using drones to blow up their cars?

Surely, killing “bad persons” who are inside of our own country, and threaten the safety and stability of our own communities, makes six million times more sense than killing random Moslems on the other side of the planet who have nothing to do with us. Right?

I guess not.

No, we’ve decided that the job of our military is to find “bad people” in various random places on the globe and assassinate them in order to… to… to… remove badness from the furthest reaches of the earth.


The Secretary of Defense, who earlier this week said that there is no evidence to support Mike Pompeo’s claim that Soleimani was planning to attack embassies, is now out there saying that he is ready to just start assassinating “bad people” wherever he finds them – because killing bad people is what good people do, period, end of discussion.


Defense Secretary Mark Esper says the U.S. has the constitutional authority to strike Iranian proxies in Iraq and Iran on the Islamic Republic’s home soil in retaliation for attacks on American forces.

In an interview with NPR on Monday, Esper said the Authorization for Use of Military Force Resolution gives the U.S. military the right to attack Iranian-backed proxies in Iraq. He said the president’s power under Article II of the Constitution would allow the U.S. to strike Iran in the event that U.S. interests are targeted.

While American and Iranian officials both indicate that the possibility of such a confrontation has greatly diminished, Esper says the region is still being closely monitored.

“We hold Iran responsible for its proxies, and we will retain the right to exercise self-defense and take action where legally available and appropriate to hold those proxies accountable for their actions,” Esper told NPR.

If the US government is able to kill all bad people on earth, then the whole world will become good, forever.

If you question this plan, you are clearly a bad person, and are thus potentially considered by “Macho Man” Donald Trump to be a valid target for assassination.