Trump Pulls Out of Iran Nuclear Deal

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2018

Well, this is at least one Jewish agenda that Trump did support during the campaign.

Remember during the campaign, this was the one thing we kept disagreeing with him on that didn’t fit into the rest of the scheme.

Obviously, I’m against this, but it isn’t a surprise.

What will be a surprise is if he takes some action beyond sanctions against Iran.

The whole deal situation is obviously complicated and confusing, but basically, they already have all of the money from the Obama deal. They are also already under a whole bunch of sanctions that exist outside of the deal. So the real world effects of this are probably not that important.

It’s the symbolic support of the Jews that is troublesome.

I think what Trump is trying to do here is North Korea 2, where he accomplishes some big resolution that fixes all these problems, but there just isn’t any path to that in the Middle East that doesn’t involve nuking Tel Aviv.

Both the Koreas have an interest in peace. The Jewish agenda is as stated to keep the Middle East in a constant state of war. So unless Bibi is run out and replaced with some complete shitlib Jew leader, I don’t see any even potential solution here.

I think he wants to renegotiate the deal, but Iran doesn’t really have any reason to do that, and relations with Russia are worse now than they were under Obama in 2015, so I mean.

We’ll see.

My Proposition

I have proposed that Donald Trump install Oliver North as Secretary of State, and allow him to run a program of selling weapons to Iran illegally, and using the profits from these sales to fund death squads – “Contras,” we’ll call them – to kill would-be immigrants in Mexico.

I call this the Anglin Protocol, although I also like the name “Iran-Contra.”

Ollie was recently named the new titular head of the NRA, so he’s making a comeback on the political scene. Trump can humor the Jews for a few months with this Pompeo whackjob, then bring in Ollie to clean-up.

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