Trump Posts About the Caravan! Phase One Complete!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2018

So, we’ve be rallying the troops, telling people to call and leave messages, and Trump has at least heard us.

The media was not talking about this, only the Alt-Right was, and Trump is posting about it – so he does hear us.

He said “caravan.”

Now that word is in the media.

And this is before the phones are even open. I posted yesterday, Saturday, and the phones won’t be open until tomorrow.

So he hears us, it’s now the Alt-Right’s job to make this a very big issue.

Then it’s his job to show us he is still working for HIS PEOPLE.

You need to call tomorrow, and then call every single day afterward.

Also, fill out the form.


Make it professional – no cursing, no racial slurs, totally adult – something that can be presented as PROOF that the people are rising up against this horde.

Furthermore, call and email your Congresspeople.

We got out in front of this, and Trump is signaling that he is at least willing to try to be there for us if we can get this thing going.

Right now, they horde of 1000 is about three weeks out. We need to get the National Guard there to stop them within that time frame.

If we don’t, the next caravan will be 50,000, then 100,000, then a million.

This is a test. They are testing whether or not they can do us like Merkel did Europe.

It is also a test for us – the Alt-Right. To see if we can get the momentum built up to make this a huge issue. The fact that we’ve already got Trump’s attention is a very good start.

And then finally, it is a test for Trump the man.

Is he able to stand up and defend the people?

We need calls, we need letters, we need word-of-mouth, we need comments section swarms, we need social media posts, we need MEMES.

You have your orders.