Trump Pins Tweet About Google’s Political Manipulation Plot!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2018

Trump has officially pinned a tweet about Google bias with the hot new hashtag #StopTheBias.

The video is just about how Google stopped celebrating the State of the Union address when Trump was elected. But this is obviously intended to be symbolic of the larger move by Silicon Valley to control the political narrative.

Trump has recently tweeted and spoken quite a bit about internet censorship, and the need to regulate the tech industry to prevent this.

The entire media is controlled by the ruling establishment. And yet, their primary objective is shutting up me and Alex Jones – people with only a tiny fraction of a fraction of their money and reach. And the media itself – while claiming that it is a violation of the First Amendment for the President to criticize them – is playing a pivotal role in silencing the opposition. All of the main outlets now have employees devoted to hunting down and hounding anyone who disagrees with the establishment.

A typical – perhaps archetypal – example of this is an article in the New Yorker by Talia Levin, a fat Jew female, where she actually documents her quest to attempt to get the companies providing me infrastructure to shut down the Daily Stormer.

Earlier today, we published a piece about the Jew journalist Jared Holt, who worked to get AJ shut down and is now attempting to get 4chan shut down by urging people to mass complain to their infrastructure providers.

We may have a First Amendment in this country, but this coordinated attack on anyone who disagrees with the establishment by the tech industry and the mainstream news media has effectively nullified it.

Trump appears to be trying to get a discussion started on this topic before he takes legal action. We need to support him. We need to be out there backing up his agenda everywhere we still can speak.

This meddling by the tech companies is already affecting the elections. In 2016, we saw the power we have in our words – what a few thousand guys with Twitter accounts can do to the narrative of the establishment. And now that power has been stripped from us.

An FCC ruling would free all of us. We would all get Twitter amnesty, and I would be able to normalize my infrastructure.

And if Trump does this, we will serve him with our freedoms. He is the hero of this story. We are simply supporting characters.