Trump Orders Investigation of WHO and China to See If They Hid Information About the Deadly Flu

Donald Trump just keeps going back and forth on this flu hoax as he tries to straddle the fence.

He is supporting lockdown protestors, but also, he’s claiming that this virus is a deadly plot by the Chinese. In recent days he seemed to be moving away from talking about China, and instead attacking the governors who have stripped people of all of their basic freedoms.

Now he’s back to talking about China again, and endorsing the hoax, saying that the virus is so very deadly.

NBC News:

The White House has ordered intelligence agencies to comb through communications intercepts, human source reporting, satellite imagery and other data to establish whether China and the World Health Organization initially hid what they knew about the emerging coronavirus pandemic, current and former U.S. officials familiar with the matter told NBC News.

A specific “tasking” seeking information about the outbreak’s early days was sent last week to the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency, which includes the¬†National Center for Medical Intelligence, an official directly familiar with the matter said. The CIA has received similar instructions, according to current and former officials familiar with the matter.

President Donald Trump appeared to refer to the request at his news conference Monday. “We’re doing very serious investigations,” Trump said. “We are not happy with that whole situation, because we believe it could have been stopped at the source, it could have been stopped quickly, and it wouldn’t have spread all over the world.”

As part of the tasking, intelligence agencies were asked to determine what the WHO knew about two research labs studying coronaviruses in the Chinese province of Wuhan, where the virus was first observed. NBC News has previously reported that the spy agencies have been investigating the possibility that the virus escaped accidentally from one of the labs, although many experts believe that is unlikely.

Here’s the thing: any talk about China is endorsing the hoax.

If this virus isn’t really very deadly, and is in fact simply a part of the virus cycle that we’ve been dealing with all through the modern era, then there is no one to blame other than the people who created a hoax surrounding this virus and demanded that everyone have all of their freedoms taken from them.

I understand that Trump needs someone to blame, but he has the Democrats who did all of this right in front of him. That is who the people are blaming. There are no protests against the Chinese – the protests are against the governors who have collapsed the economy.

WHO should be blamed, but they should be blamed for lying about this in the opposite direction that Trump is talking about. They should be blamed for exaggerating the danger of this virus and encouraging an idiotic fake quarantine of healthy people. Fauci should be blamed, Bill Gates should be blamed – again, I cannot stress enough that Trump’s own people have already identified these people as the ones who deserve to be blamed for this debacle.

Attacking China is dumb and it doesn’t resonate with anyone other than neocons obsessed with war.

If we’re going to talk about China, let’s talk about bringing our manufacturing back. That could be a way to start to try to rebuild the destroyed economy. Trump can do it by adjusting the existing tariffs to make it non-viable for companies to continue to off-shore production of goods.

But instead, what he is doing is lining things up for the factories to be moved from China to other places in Asia, or Mexico, or whatever, as the agenda is not about helping America but about punishing China.

I don’t know how much we’re even going to be able to afford to buy after this is finished, so it might be a moot point. But if we came at this from the angle of focusing on figuring out how to rebuild America, we would come to the conclusion that the solution to the alleged China problem is to bring our factories home, because without our factories, we do not have an economy. We have merely an illusion propped up by debt and using the US Military to enforce the dollar as the global reserve currency.

In this new world we’re entering into, we are not going to have room for stupid nonsense.