Trump on Racist Campaign Ad: “A Lot of Things are Offensive. Your Questions are Offensive.”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2018

Trump had the best ever response to the Jew whiners whining that his racist ad was offensive.

“A lot of things are offensive. Your questions are offensive.”

They are really, really flipping their lids over this ad.

The fact that they managed to get it banned not only from Facebook but also from Fox News is simply insane.

All it did was show Mexican killers.

I guess it is racist, because the definition of racism is “noticing things about other races which may potentially hurt someone’s feelings if they are noticed.”

But these people are killing us.

The ad showed video of an actual killer, then showed a mob of potential killers. No one is even able to argue that these people are not killing us, they just say “oh, well, they’re not all killing us.”

The ad was incredibly powerful, and it is going to make a difference – even though it has been cockblocked all over the place.

Fox News man… what traitors.

The Jews have been largely successful in their agenda of shutting down independent Trump supporters on the internet, so now the one TV station that sort of supports Trump is clamping down.

The TV is not really going to be relevant very much longer. It will have half the relevance it has now by 2020.

This is why priority number one after the midterms needs to be getting regulation to protect people’s freedoms on the internet. I am going to figure out a way to work with others to organize a mass call-in campaign to demand that we get our freedoms back.

The WSJ and Michael Hayden stealing that money from cancer children is actually a huge propaganda victory for us.

Trump is going to need us in 2020. If things keep going in this direction, by then it will be a bannable offense to simply say “I support the President” anywhere on the internet. And if you start your own website to say that, they will steal your domain.